How To Make Beeswax Food Wraps With Haruzion 【SDGs】 注目のエコな「みつろうラップ」! はるじおんのレシピを英語で紹介するよ【脱プラ】

Beeswax wraps

If you became interested in doing DIY activities during the recent stay-at-home period, how about trying your hand at making beeswax cotton wraps ? They are a plastic-free alternative that is washable , reusable, and biodegradable. Wrapping vegetables, sandwiches, presents and other small things will make everything so cute!

おうち時間にDIYにハマった皆さん、次は「みつろうラップ」を作ってみては? 何度も洗えて、再利用できて、生分解性! しかも、野菜やサンドイッチをくるむと超かわいい。エコ生活を楽しめるラップなんです。

Haruka Miyashita, a candle artist and the owner of Haruzion soap & candle, is teaching everyone how to make her original beeswax cotton wraps on her YouTube Channel. Her beeswax wraps stick perfectly to all sorts of things. The video is in Japanese only, so I wrote down the recipe in English below the video.


What you will need

・ 100g Beeswax pellets
・ 10g Jojoba Oil
・ 5g Coconut Oil
・ 5g Pine resin (If you have) 
100% cotton fabric (need to be thin)

・Parchment paper, newspaper, silicon molds, scissors , a scale, a isolating cup or a small pot, and an iron


1. Jojoba oil is for stickiness and coconut oil is for antioxidation.
2.If you don’t have jojoba oil, you can replace it with coconut oil.
3.The fabric should be thin and made of 100% cotton.
4.It is highly recommended that you use quality beeswax pellets.

1. Make beeswax mix

Combine beeswax pellets, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and pine resin in a isolating cup or a small pot. And melt it over heat. When it melts completely, stir it well with chopsticks to make the liquid consistent.

Pour the beeswax mix into silicon molds. Then, cool it down until hardened.

2. Make a beeswax wrap

Cut your fabric into the sizes you prefer. 

Lay a piece of parchment paper over a few sheets of newspaper and place the fabric on top. Tear the beeswax mix cube into small pieces and place them evenly on the fabric.

Cover the fabric with another piece of parchment paper and then Iron it. Move the iron slowly until the beeswax melts into the fabric.

Put off the parchment paper to see if there are any spots that need more wax. Put the beeswax mix on those spots again and repeat the same process. When the wax is evenly melted into the material of the fabric, Cool the fabric down and let the wax set.

DIY kits are available! | 手作りキットもあるよ。

For someone who is worried about preparing the right materials, DIY kits are available at Haruzion for 2000 yen. They offers various patterns of ready-made beeswax wraps if you aren’t into doing DIY. Be sure to check out her online shop or her Instagram.

はるじおんには、ミツロウラップのDIYセットもあるので、材料をそろえるのが不安な方は安心! また、手間なく今すぐ使いたい場合は、お店で商品を購入できます。詳しくは、オンラインショップまたはインスタグラムへ

Haruzion Soap & Candle | はるじおん

The owner, Hakuka-san、オーナーの宮下さん

Haruzion sells candles, additive-free soaps, beeswax wraps. Haruka Miyashita, the owner and candle artist, enjoys pursuing her organic and eco-friendly life. All of Harukas products are handmade, and made from natural materials.

Starting price: soap 600 yen, candle 800 yen, beeswax wrap 1500 yen.


石鹸 600円~、キャンドル 800円~、みつろうラップ1500円~。

AddressYamate cho 13-2, Sasebo
山手町 Map
Hours From 9 am to 6 pm
ClosedSunday and Japanese Holidays
Web / SNSOnline shop, Instagramfacebook
handmade soaps 手作り石鹸
The candles can be used for something after you finish using. キャンドルは使い終えたあとも、飾りになる!

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