【SDGs】オシャレに過剰包装を減らそう!エコバッグを使ったフラワーアレンジメント【ペーパーバッグ】Eco Paper Bag for flowers to help reduce “over-wrapping” 【Go Green】

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In February this year, Rie-sensei went to a flower workshop and came across something really neat.

Don’t mind the wild arrangement…

【 お花のエコバッグ / “Eco bag” for flowers】


The flower arrangement in the photo, it looks like it’s jumping out of a paper bag…?
Indeed! It is a paper bag which the inner part of the bag is waterproof. There is a floral foam (wet sponge which you stick flowers into) inside the bag so you can make flower arrangement directly in the bag and take it home as is! It’s a “eco bag for flower arrangements.

The back of the bag.


How you actually do the arrangement is first you cut open a hole (or holes) in the front part of the bag, and you put flowers into the foam through the hole. You can pour water inside the bag and also display the bag as is!

【 花跡 / Hana Art 】

このエコペーパーバッグの開発者は、市内のフワラークリエイター/講師の「花跡~hana art~」さん。
The developer of this Eco Paper Bag is a flower creator/instructor “hana art” from Sasebo.

  • 過剰包装を減らしたい!
    Reduce over-wrapping!
  • もっと日常で簡単にお花を楽しんでもらいたい!
    Let people enjoy flowers more casually
  • フローリストの視点から設計
    Designed from florist’s point of view
  • 省スペース、壁掛けOK
    Space saving, can be put on wall
  • バッグに文字を書いて贈ればメッセージカード不要♪
    You can write messages on the bag instead of buying a card

These are some of the intentions behind the bag.

【 取扱店は?/ Where can I find these bags? 】

  • 花跡さんのワークショップ
    hana art’s workshop
  • グリーンホリック (佐々のお花屋さん)MAP
    Green Holic (a flower shop in Saza-cho)MAP
    Fresh flower arragement and craft goods are available. (BTW it was Green Holic’s workshop that Rie sensei went to.)
  • ささいずみ商店(居酒屋ささいずみのアンテナショップ)MAP
    Sasaizumi Shouten (local product shop run by Sasebo’s izakaya Sasaizumi) MAP
    Here, only paper bags (eco bags ) are available as craft goods.


Hana art’s workshops will be announced on hana art’s instagram page.
The nearest one is coming up in mid April at a burger shop Bell Beach (subject to change).

【 ローウェイストでお花を楽しむ / Enjoy flowers with low waste 】

「ウェイスト(Waste)」は「ゴミ」。つまり、ゴミを、ゼロは難しいけど、 「ロー(Low)」=少なくしてみよう、というコンセプトの言葉です。
Reducing waste down to zero may be difficult, but we can try lowering the amount of waste, can’t we?

So next time you buy flower arrangements, consider the option to be eco-friendly!

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