【For Residents of All Nationalities】Information Session for Night Junior High School (Yakan Gakkyu) on August 3rd! 【国籍不問】8月3日 夜間学級(夜間中学)の開設に向けた説明会

Sasebo City is aiming to open Night Junior High School (Yakan Gakkyu) in April, 2025 and now it’s conducting various surveys. This time, a school information session will be held for anyone who wishes to enroll the school and their families.

Date & Time : Saturday, August 3rd, 2024, from 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Place: Shimizu-chiku Community Center, Auditorium (1st floor)

No need pre-application. Just drop-by.

This session is open to people of any nationalities! If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to come in.

*The evening junior high school is not for learning Japanese for foreign residents, but for taking Japanese mandatory education.

What is Night Junior High School (Yakan Gakkyu)?

Originally, Yakan Gakkyu or evening junior high schools were established for those who could not go to school during the day due to work or household chores during the post-war period. In recent years, the need for evening junior high schools has been increasing for various reasons. Yakan Gakkyu accept the following people:

  • Those who haven’t completed Japanese mandatory education
  • Those who graduated junior high school without taking enough classes due to no-attending school, illness, injury and any other reasons
  • Foreign residents who haven’t completed Japanese mandatory education
  • Junior high school students who haven’t been attending their school

People from 10s to 90s years old of various nationalities are studying at the night junior high school throughout Japan!

School Details

  • The tuition is free
  • Classes are held 5 days a week.
  • All teachers have a teaching license for junior high school.
  • After the completion of all programs, you’ll receive the certification of graduation.







  • 義務教育を修了していない方
  • 不登校など様々な事情により十分な教育を受けられないまま中学校を卒業した方
  • 本国や我が国で義務教育を修了していない外国籍の方など学齢期を経過した方
  • 現在不登校となっている学齢生徒


  • 昼間の中学校と同じで、授業料無償です。
  • 週5日間、授業があります。
  • 教員免許を持っている中学校の先生が教えてくれます。
  • 全ての課程を修了すれば、中学校卒業となります。


【Other learning Opportunities】

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