【To-go meals in Sasebo】Burger & Pizza Y’s Burger SASEBO | “ふんわりモチモチ”って英語で何て言う? バーガーショップ Y’s Burger SASEBO【テイクアウト専門店】

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Y’s Burger SASEBO is a newly opened pizza and burger shop specializing in to-go meals. It’s located just 2 buildings away from Yoshino-ya in the central area of Sasebo. Perhaps you have already noticed it.

They offer 12 kinds of homemade pizzas which range from classic Hawaiian style with Canadian bacon and pineapple, spicy Mexican pizza to Japanese teriyaki. As for burgers, you will be surprised at the quality of its buns which are made from the bakery Tashiro, a locally famous bread shop! The airy and chewy texture of its buns goes well with their thick juicy meat patty.

Y’s Burger’s owner is the same person that owns Sports Bar DREAMER upstairs. Y’s Burger is now offering popular items from their bar. It’s a real treat for us to have their delicious meals at home without having to spend the night out. As a cool tasty treat, shakes are available in four flavors!

English-speaking staff and English menu are available.

Hours:11 am – 2 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm
Closed: MON
Address:1-1 Shimokyou-machi, Sasebo
Map: [from here]
Takeout: Drop-in orders are welcome! For pre-order, call 0956-24-0300, or DM to their Instagram

©Y’s burger
©Y’s burger
©Y’s burger

More photos from here, information provided by SAFEE:

ふんわりモチモチした食感は、”airy and chewy texture”としました。パンのふんわりした感触は、lightやairy(軽い)やfluffy (ふわふわ)、soft (柔らかい)で表せます。モチモチはchewyが一般的です。

specializ in ~を専門とする
2 buildings away from、 ~から2軒となりの
range from A to B、AからBまでにわたる
As for ~に関しては

今回は下京町にオープンした「Y’s Burger Sasebo」をご紹介しました。Bar DREAMERが手がけるピザとバーガーのテイクアウト専門店です。ピザの生地はなんと手作りだそう。それで1枚1000円 はとってもお得ですよね!

バーガーのバンズには、ベーカリータシロのパンが使われていて、表面はこんがり、中身はふんわりでモチモチ!! 夏は冷たいシェイクと一緒にいかが?


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