English-friendly shop : Cafe “Ippo ippo” / カツカレーは英語で何て言う? 英語OK!な店:Cafe いっぽ一歩

Cafe “Ippo ippo” is famous for its Japanese curry. It says eating spicy foods is cool you down and stimulate your appetite during the sweltering heat of summer. So, it’s a perfect time to introduce Café Ippo ippo.

The owner makes the curry roux from scratch using beef (tendon, cheek, and loin), vegetables, fruits and spices. The elaborately cooked curry tastes rather mild and spicy than hot. It tastes unbelievably rich!

Katsu curry (pork culet curry) and baked curry and rice are two most popular dishes at this shop. Beef curry and carbonara pasta are two other specialties of the owner as well!

The menu is in Japanese only, but there are pictures of each menu item that will help you understand what to order. With humor and kindness, Cafe “Ippo ippo” loves to welcome international customers although, they only speak basic English. Parking, a baby bed, and kids’ chairs are available.

Address:2604 Hiu-chou, Sasebo
Hours: 11:00 am– 5:00 pm Closed: Tue, Sun
Closed: Tue, Sun

今回の英語OK!な店は、Cafe いっぽ一歩。
日宇町にあるカレーのおいしいカフェです。オーナーさんが一から作るカレーは超濃厚! カツカレーや焼きカレーが人気とのことですよ。詳しくはSafeeさんのリンクをチェック!

カツカレーはpork culet curryですが、日本式カレー(Japanese curry)が海外で人気となり、Katsu curryでも通じる場合もあるとか。まろやか(mild)で濃厚な(rich)味は、辛い(hot)のが苦手な人にも受け入れられやすいのかもしれせん。

B rather than A
The curry tastes mild and spicy rather than hot

sweltering  蒸し暑い
stimulate one’s appetite 食欲をそそる
curry roux カレーのルー(roux:語源はフランス語)
makes O from scratch  Oを一から作る
tendon, cheek, and loin すじ肉、ほほ肉、ロース肉
elaborately cooked 丹精込めて作られた~
unbelievably rich 信じられないほど(とっても)濃厚
baked curry and rice 焼きカレー


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