【Japanese Sweets (Wagashi) in Sasebo 】SHIGERU SEIKAHO | “絶対においしいヤツだ!”って英語で何て言う? 志げる製菓舗【三浦町】


Shigeru Seikaho (志げる製菓舗) , a Japanese confectionary shop, first opened in 1941. Since then, its sweets have been popular as souvenirs and local favorite snacks. Echan’ s Yuki-seisei loves its strawberry mochi (ichigo daifuku) . Today we will be introducing the two most popular snacks of the shop.

One is “Sasebo Bolo” , a modified version of marubolo, a tea-time staple of the Nagasaki and Saga area. It’s round, flat, soft and chewy. The texture might be similar to an American cookie, But with a rather “less-is-more” style than say chocolate chips or nuts cookies. You will be able to taste every selected ingredient: eggs, honey, and traditional maltose syrup (mizuame).

Sasebo Bolo
photo © SAFEE

Another favorite is the “nana mill”. It looks like a normal bean-paste bun, but it’s really a baked snack filled with milky paste made from milk, egg yolk, and white beans. If you aren’t keen on anko or red bean paste, try this. It really suits western treats lovers’ taste.

Nana milk
photo ©SAFEE

The most recommended snack from a local website, SAFEE is the “mochi pie”. Inside its buttery flaky pie coated with icing sugar, is mochi and bean paste. Wow! who wouldn’t like this ?

Mochi pie
photo ©SAFEE

Shigeru Seikaho sells a variety of Japanese treats from Japanese traditional sweets to western-influenced snacks. Visit its shop and find your own favorite.

More photos and the map from here, information provided by SAFEE :

Hours:9:00 – 19:00 
Closed: None
Address:1-23 Miura-chou, Sasebo
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/19o9ru7w4hX8SGNn8


“これ絶対においしいヤツやん”のニュアンスでよく使われる表現としては、Who doesn’t like this ?または Who wouldn’t like this ? があります。“これ、嫌いな人いる?”が転じて、“みんな好きだよね” という意味。Who doesn’t like Dean Fujioka! (ディーン・フジオカ絶対みんな好きになるよね!)と思ってるのは、Yuki先生だけでしょうか…??

Japanese confectionary (sweets) shop 和菓子店
snack 軽食、間食
a modified version of ~のアレンジ版
tea-time staple お茶請けの定番
chewy 噛み応えのある(もっちり)
savor ~の味を楽しむ
※soft and chewy アメリカのソフトクッキーでよく使われる表現です。
flaky 薄い層状の(パイなど)


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