【Halloween drinks in Sasebo 】Zakka & Cafe「MIMI」 | ダイエット“チートデイ”に ハロウィン限定ドリンクを飲んできたよ【名切町】


Right in the middle of our weight loss challenge, we decided to have a cheat day. We wanted to try the Halloween version of Zakka & Cafe Mimi’s delicious frappe . It’s called “Berry monster” , a berry-flavored milky frappe topped with whipped cream and berry sauce. Rie-sensei tried one and she really liked it! The eye which reminds us of “Medama no oyaji” , a Japanese cartoon character, is made using a marshmallow ! “Berry monster” will be sold until the end of this month. So, hurry up and grab a cup!

Its regular frappes are also super delicious! Maccha frappe is topped with small dangos, sliced almonds, and chocolate sauce. Yuki-sensei always loves it. The sweet whipped cream takes her out of this world! The drink on the left side of the picture is the caramel frappe. Caramel lovers shouldn’t miss this one!

Zakka & Cafe Mimi is actually annexed to a hair salon. When you enter the door, you will see a cafe space at the backside of a handmade goods department. Everyone is welcome to drop by the cafe in addition to hair salon’s customers. There is a variety of coffee, lattes, different types of juice, and frappes. English menus are available.

More photos and the map from here, information provided by SAFEE (Its kids area on the website are no longer available) :

Closed: Mon
Address:3-3 Nakiri-chou, Sasebo
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/wEE2sPoLyM9TbFcT6

チートデイのチート(cheat )ってどんな意味か分かるかな?

ダイエット中に、“今日は特別だ!”といって高カロリーなものを食べちゃう日を”a cheat day”と言いますが、日本語でも“チートデイ”として定着しつつあります。cheat は動詞で“(人)をだます”、”不正を働く”の意味。また“カンニングをする”の意味も。名詞だと“インチキ”、“不正行為”などの意味になります。
またドラマでよく出てくるスラングとしては、“cheat on someone”があります. こちらは“浮気している(~をだましている)”の意味になります。He is cheating on me! (彼が浮気してるの!)

(right) in the middle of ~のさなかに
berry-flavored ベリー味の
annexed to ~に併設して
at the backside of ~の裏手に


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