【SASEBO Cafe|Bar】Cafe Bar “Shooters” 「甘さ控えめ」って英語で何?|英語OK!な店:カフェバー「Shooters」

Hello everyone! We are Sasebo E Channel, aka E Chan.
We will be introducing English-friendly spot in Sasebo. Today’s spot is Cafe Bar “Shooters”.

Café agree near Takaya reopened its shop as “Shooters” in a new location across Quintesssa Hotel Sasebo. It’s no wonder that Shooters has already lots of Americans coming in. Because the interior reminds us of a good old American-style bar.

The laid-back and friendly atmosphere is perfect for hanging out with friends. Since it opens from 10 am to 0 am, you can enjoy café drinks, alcohol drinks, and light meals at any time. Owner’s specialty, American-style waffle is good for branch. It ‘s thick, fluffy, not too sweet, and covered with a full of berries and whipped cream.

This place is dog-friendly. English menu and English speakers are available. Free Wifi is also available.

Click the photo below to see more images. Information provided by SAFEE:

Address:9-10 Tokiwa-chou, Sasebo
Hours: 10:00 am– 0:00 am
Closed: irregular

玉屋の近くにあったCage Agree が、Shootersとして移転オープンしていますよ。以前の店よりも、よりアメリカンな雰囲気♪ 古き良きアメリカのバーを思い起こさせます。もちろん、客さんもインターナショナル! 10時から12時までの営業なので、ふらりといつでも立ち寄れます。オーナー自慢のワッフルは分厚くて(thick) 、フワッとして (fluffy) 、 甘さ控えめ (not too sweet)。ブランチやカフェタイムにピッタリです。

It’s no wonder that S + V ~なのもうなずける(不思議ではない)
good old 古き良き
laid-back atmosphere リラックスした雰囲気
covered with a full of berries たっぷりとベリーが乗った~

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