【Sasebo Lunch|Dinner】 Japanese Restaurant “ROJIAN”|「何を隠そう~」って英語で何?| 英語OK!な店:「路地裏麺屋 ろじ庵」の絶品カツ丼

Hello everyone! We are Sasebo E Channel, aka E Chan.
We will be introducing English-friendly spot in Sasebo. Today’s spot is Japanese Restaurant “ROJIAN”.

ROJIAN is standing quietly just outside the arcade on a back street. To tell you the truth, the shop is famous for its authentic Japanese noodle dishes and rice bowls. Katsudon (Deep-fried Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl) is a must-try. It’s made with selected pork and homemade soy-based soup. It’s soooo delicious! All of Rojian’s dishes are relatively affordable. Let’s go and try some of Sasebo’s local favorite foods and become more local yourself.

English menu and English speakers available.

Click the photo below to see more images. Information provided by SAFEE:

Address:3-20 Gion-chou, Sasebo
Hours: 11 am– 3 pm, 5pm – 8 pm
Closed: MON

今回のお店は「路地裏麺屋 ろじ庵」。アーケード近くの路地にある蕎麦とうどんの名店ですが、何を隠そう、カツ丼が絶品なんですよ~。 ぜひ食べてみてください!「何を隠そう~」は、”to tell you the truth”, “To be frank with you” で表せます。”to tell you the truth”は「本当のことを言うと」、“To be frank with you”は「率直に言うと」と違いがありますが、どちらも秘密を打ち明けるニュアンスがあります。

standing quietly at ~にひっそりとたたずんでいる
noodle dish 麺類
rice bowl 丼もの
a must-try 外せないもの(超オススメ)
selected 選び抜かれた
relatively 比較的
local favorite 地元の人に人気の


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