English-friendly shop : Teppanyaki “Nakashima” / “創作料理“って英語で何て言う? 英語OK!な店「鉄板ダイニング なかしま」

Hello everyone!
Today’s spot is Teppanyaki “Nakashima”. This place is not exactly “English-friendly” but we can’t resist introducing it to you due to their wonderful reputation. 

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine in which the chef grills meat, seafood, and vegetables on an iron griddle in front of their customers. Most teppanyaki restaurants are expensive but at Teppanyaki Nakashima, you can enjoy grilled foods and the chef’s performance at a reasonable price!

The restaurant also offers its own creative cuisine in which Japanese and Italian styles are combined. The chef’s selection course composed of 7 small dishes starts from 2500 yen. The contents will vary according to the day’s stocks. It may include oyster lemon steak which is their specialty!  They also have a great selection of sake and wine.

Lunch time is only for one group a day (equal to or more than 4 people, reservations are required). Since this restaurant doesn’t have much space, reservations are recommended for dinner too ( You may need Japanese assistance when you make a reservation. ) 

The menu is in Japanese only and they only speak basic English. But, Teppanyaki “Nakashima” loves to welcome international customers.

Click the photo below to see more pictures on Safee’s website:

Address: 2-17 Tenman-chou, Sasebo
Hours: 12:00pm – 2:00 pm (reservation only)
6:00 pm– 0:00 am
Closed : Sunday

今回ご紹介するのは、 「鉄板ダイニングなかしま」。
おまかせコースは2500円~とリーズナブル! 牡蠣のレモンステーキはユニークな1品ですね。

創作料理はcreative cuisine と訳出しました。”創作”の部分は、 creative、innovative 、originalが考えられます。”ママの創作料理”というニュアンスならMom’s original dish。“プロのシェフの感性を生かした創作料理”の場合は、 creative や innovative がいいでしょう。 また”おまかせコース”は chef’s selection course としました。

can’t resist ~ ing どうしても~したい
reputation 評判
iron griddle 鉄板
Japanese cuisine 日本料理
A and B are combined AとBが組み合わさっている
vary according to ~によって変わる
reservation is required / recommended


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