Beer Gardens in Sasebo 2019【ビアガーデン】を英語で説明!佐世保 の「ビアガーデン・ビアホール」 2019

Beer garden on Tamaya rooftop.

Summer is here! It’s time for opening of “Beer Gardens”, a seasonal tradition of summers in Japan. Beer gardens are all-you-can-drink beer halls/restaurants usually set up outside, sometimes on the rooftop of buildings.
Scroll down to check some of the popular beer gardens in Sasebo!

ビアガーデンは英語でもそのまま”Beer Garden”で通じます。 日本のビアガーデンを説明する時には、冒頭の英語文を参考に、 「outdoor(屋外」「roof top(屋上)」「all-you-can-drink(飲み放題)」「all-you-can-eat(食べ放題)」「seasonal tradition/feature(風物詩)」などのキーワードをぜひ使ってみてくださいね~!

1. Tamaya Department Store Rooftop Beer Garden MAP
Adults: 3,800yen   Students: 1,800yen   Kids(3-6yrs): 500yen

Includes drink bar including draft beer, chu-hai, sake, soft drink and a buffet!
Fri, Sat, Sun 18:00-21:00  (Closed if bad weather)
From July 19 – beginning of Sept

2. Fuji International Hotel Rooftop Beer Garden MAP
All-you-can-eat BBQ : adults 3,500yen
All-you-can-eat Mongolian mutton BBQ (reservation required) : adults 3,500yen
Both come with all-you-can-drink draft beer, sho-chu, chu-hai, soft drink, and more!
Elementary school kids : 1,600yen
18:00-21:30 (Closed if bad weather)
Every Mon Ladies 3,000 yen 😀 😀 😀 
Until mid Sept

3. Marina Holiday MAP
On first floor of Quintessa hotel. Famous for its organic local-harvested vegetables!
3,500 yen with buffet and drink bar including beer, wine, shochu, cocktail and more!
4,000 yen for buffet, drink bar and fresh sashimi plate (for 4 persons or more) 
18:00~21:00(L.O.20:30)  Open everyday
Until mid Sept     
Say you saw their website and get 200 yen OFF!

4. Sun West Hotel 9F Restaurant Maple MAP
Indoors with superb view.
Adults: 4,500yen  Students: 2,500yen  Elementary: 2,000yen  Kinder: 1,000yen
3yrs or under: Free
Comes with buffet and drink bar including beer, wine, shochu, cocktail and more!
Make reservation one day or before and get free sashimi plate! 
17:30~22:00(L.O.20:00)  Closed Mondays (Tues if Mon is a holiday)
Until late Sept

5. Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch MAP
Restaurant on 1st floor.
Aduls: 5,000yen     65yrs+ or students: 3,000yen    Age 4 to elementary: 2,000yen 

Buffet and drink bar
Mainly Thurs, Fri, Sat. Check website  (scroll down for calendar)
Until Sept 20


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