【Sasebo’s New Wave Ramen #1: Beef-Bone Broth】Ramen Shop “Haikara”|【佐世保の新潮流ラーメン①|牛骨】めん食堂「ハイカラ」

In Kyushu, pork bones are commonly used in the creation of our tasty Ramen with the classic topping of char siu pork. Now, in Sasebo, new types of ramen shops have recently emerged. E-chan will now introduce you to a new wave of ramen as a series.

The first one is Ramen Shop “Haikara”. It offers beef-bone ramen topped with roasted beef! Their popular order is “Nikukara-Ramen”, a spicy version of beef-bone ramen. The level of spiciness can be adjusted in six stages. The number 3 is spicy enough, but if you like the super spicy, try the onion.

Kara-age(deep-fried chicken ) is also popular there. English menu is available and kid-friendly.

More photos and the map from here, information provided by SAFEE:


11:30 – 15:00, 18:00 – 23:00
Regular holiday : MON
Adress: 173-1 Kawashimo-chou, Sasebo
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/koYKMujn9vS8Rmuj8


まずは、めん食堂「ハイカラ」! こちらでは牛骨のラーメンがいただけます! トップピングもなんとローストビーフ

人気なのは通常の肉めんに辛みを加えた肉辛めん。辛さが6段階で調節できます。3辛 でも十分辛いですが、超辛いものが好きな人は鬼辛に挑戦してみて。サイドメニューの唐揚げも人気だそうですよ!


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