【Chinese Restaurant in Sasebo】 “BOTANEN”|名物!“カツあんかけチャーハン”って英語で何て言う? 老舗中華料理店 牡丹園【比良町】

Botanen 牡丹園

Today’s English-friendly spot is Botanen, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in all of Sasebo. Botanen offers almost every Chinese dish that you can think of. There are noodles, fried rice, dim sun, meat and seafood dishes, and more. Everything in the menu is delicious, reasonable, with large size portions! This is the reason that it has been beloved by foodie taxi drivers, business people, and American Naval personal.

“Katu Ankake Chahan”, a fried rice dish is huge, weighing almost 1 kg, or, 2.2 pounds for only 980 yen. It’s a delicious combination of curry flavored sauce, crunchy pork cutlet and Chinese artisan fried rice. Originally, the menu was only for hungry employees, but these days it has turned out to be one of the most reasonable and filling dishes of this shop. Just add oyster sauce, so that you can try a different taste on one dish.

Katu Ankake Chahan
Almost 1 kg!

This restaurant is popular for many occasions. They offer takeout, a delivery service (+additional fee), an affordable lunch menu, and party plans for both family and a big groups : private space is available on the 2nd floor. There is an English menu and English-speaking staff are also available! Call 0956-25-3535 for reservations, takeout and delivery orders. More photos and the map from here, information provided by SAFEE (Their prices changed on October 1st, 2020. The latest price list is here)


11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Regular holiday : THU
1-1 Hira-machi, Sasebo
Map : here



“カツあんかけチャーハン”は、牡丹園店主のオリジナルメニューなので、“Katsu Ankake Chahan” としました。説明としては、fried rice topped with pork cutlet and starchy (thick) sauce (トンカツとあんかけソースがかかったチャーハン)です。 starchy は“デンプン質の(でとろみを付けた)”の意味。メニューの英訳はケースバイケースですが、“お店での呼び名+説明書き” で表記すると、外国人と店スタッフとのコミュニケーションが取りやすくなりますよね。

dim sun 点心
have been beloved by ~に愛されてきた(現在完了・継続)
weigh + kg や g など。 重さが〜kg(g)である
crunchy カリッとした
turn out to be 主語が ~になる
filling ボリュームたっぷりの


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