【Cafe in Sasebo】Calico Coffee in Oono-cho| “手作業で”って英語で何て言う? 佐世保のカフェ「キャリココーヒー」【大野町】

Hello everyone!
We will be introducing a new English-friendly spot in Sasebo. Today’s spot is Calico Coffee in Oono-cho.

Calico Coffee offers the finest artisan coffee. The owner roasts the green beans by hand right after you place your order. In this way, you can truly enjoy the freshest flavor of the coffee beans. It takes 10 minutes to serve you a nearly perfect cup of coffee. It is definitely worth the wait for coffee lovers.

Another unique feature of this shop is its cat goods. Since the owner is a lover of cats, he sells all sorts of goods with cats as a motif such as potteries, dolls, and coasters. Also, he created a special dorayaki (red-bean pancake) called doranyanko in collaboration with a Japanese confectionery shop, Kajiyama. It’s unbelievably cute! The doranyanko will be limited in quantity (you can reserve one in advance) .

As for food, Calico Coffee offers ikasumi and beef sinew curry. You need to place your order in advance for pasta, stewed hamburg steak, and mapo tofu. There is a bread shop called “Egao” inside the building, so you can drink delicious coffee and have some rolls in the eat-in space.


More photos and the map from here, information provided by SAFEE:

Hours:10:30 – 17:30
Closed: Tue
Address:75-8 Oono-chou, Sasebo
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/r7eQ98mwuosxCayQ7


今回の英語OK!なお店は、キャリココーヒー! 大野エリアにあります。生豆からその場で手焙煎して提供する全国的にも数少ないお店です! コーヒー好きにはたまりませんね。また猫好きのオーナーの猫グッズも要チェック。和菓子の名店「梶山」とのコラボ、ドラにゃんこは数量限定で販売中。予約もできるそうです。

“手作業で”は、by hand. hand は単数です。All of our clothes are made by hand (洋服はすべて手作業で作られている)
 一方、at handは“手元に、近い将来に”の意味になります。

artisan coffee 職人が作るコーヒー
roast 焙煎する
green (coffee) beans 生コーヒー豆
as a motif モチーフとして
be limited in quantity 数量限定
beef sinew  牛すじのカレー
mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐

Check out the nearby shop. | 近くのお店も要チェック

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