English-friendly shop : fruits CRAFT / 英語OK!な店:フルーツクラフト【栄町】


Furits Craft has reopened in a new location close to Tamaya department store. Its fruits juice is super popular among the locals. It is an affiliate shop of a looong-established fruits shop inside Tamaya.They have upgraded everything for the new shop with even more fruits. In a larger eating space, they offer a lager selection of food and beverages : fruits parfaits, French toasts, avocado hot sandwiches, fruits cakes, muffins and more. Also, fruit gift baskets/boxes are available. It’s a great place to drop by to get all your vitamins from fruit or just indulge yourself into the beautiful photogenic sweets!



10:00 am– 7:00 pm(LO:18:30)
Closed: Wed.
4-24 Sakae machi, Sasebo
Map : here
Payment: cash, credit card, PayPay, Line Pay, iD, Apple Pay, QuicPay, ALIPAY, etc.
Parking: Not available. .

Click the link below to see more images. Information provided by SAFEE:

栄町に移転オープンしたfruits CRAFT(フルーツクラフト)さん、もう訪れましたか? フードメニューも増えて、販売用の果物も増えて、パワーアップしてます。フレッシュジューズにパフェにケーキ! Yuki先生は、新作「あまおうのブリュレパフェ」が気になります。ぜひ行ってみてくださいね。


affiliate shop 系列店
(super) popular among the locals. 地元の子の間でとっても人気
They have upgraded everything 全てがパワーアップしてる。
eating space イートインスペース


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