【Naradewa×Echan】|English-friendly Pen Drawing Class|アートde国際交流「ペン画教室」|9月号「ならでわ!」コラボ企画

The late summer heat is still severe this year, but it’s already in September anyway. In Japan, people say that autumn is the best season for art. So, we will be introducing an English-friendly art class as a collab project with the local free magazine “Naradewa” this month.

『月刊ならでわ!』とSasebo E Channelのコラボ企画、9月号は”芸術の秋”ということで、外国人さんも通う英語OK!なペン画教室を紹介します。

English-friendly Art Instructor |英語も話せる先生は、この人

The art instructor is Kae Nishimura. She studied painting at art schools in Ireland and the U.S., dreaming of becoming a picture book author. Then, she made her debut as a picture book author in New York City! After returning to Japan, she continued to create picture books and wrote original stories for a picture book corner of NHK E-television’s program. Now she lives in Nagasaki Prefecture with her family. While she continues to create artwork, she holds art classes in Sasebo and Higashisonogi-cho.

にしむら かえ先生は、絵本作家になるのを夢見てアイルランドとアメリカへ留学。美術大学で絵を学び、なんとニューヨークで絵本作家デビューされたそう。帰国後も絵本の制作を続け、Eテレ「えいごであそぼ」の絵本コーナーにて原作を担当。長崎県へ移住後も、絵本制作のほか佐世保や東彼杵町で絵画教室を主催されています。

Kae Nishimura sensei
Kae-sensei’s English picture book

Advice from a pro make your artwork more refined! 先生のアドバイスでワンランク上の絵が描けちゃう!

All you have to bring is a fine ballpoint pen(water-based, gel ink) and writing utensils! First, you learn how to shade with the ballpoint pen. Then you draft your picture and draw it with the pen. When you tell Kae-sensei what you want to draw, she helps you draft the composition. That will make it easier for beginners. Your drawing will be way more refined just by some advice from a professional artist.


【Featured Person】

We interviewed one of Kae sensei’s students, Shana. She is from San Diego, California, and has lived in Sasebo for one year. She is an art instructor herself. While she explores the depth of black-and-white expression and pursues her art, she is enjoying meeting local people and learning Japanese. Since she loves nature in Sasebo, both of the drawings below are themed on Sasebo’s scenery. That’s a wonderful way to keep your memories here.


Next Theme is “Moon” | 次回のテーマは「月を描く」

The next theme of the pen drawing is “Moon.” It will be held on Saturday, September 16 at Machinaka Community Center.

【Pen Drawing Artist】
Saturday, September 16
Machinaka Community Center, Lecture Room 2 【MAP】
About 2 hours from 13:00 to 16:00
Fee: 2000 yen
Contact : 090-1294-8937 (Kae Nishimura)


場所:まちなかコミュニティーセンター 講座室2 【MAP】
お問い合わせ:090-1294-8937(にしむら かえ先生)

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