【Naradewa×Echan】Collab Project Starts This Month! 今月から『ならでわ』さんとのコラボがスタート!

『月刊ならでわ!』編集部のライター さんの疑問から、Sasebo E Channel とのコラボ企画がスタートしました!

We proudly announce that Sasebo E Channel has started a collaboration project with the free monthly magazine “Naradewa!”. It all started with a question from a Naradewa writer, “how do people from overseas enjoy our town, Sasebo?”
In order to unveil the answer, interpreter Rie-sensei and translator Yuki-sensei will team up with the Naradewa writers and feature non-Japanese people living in Sasebo and cultural exchange experiences every month.


The July issue is the Independence Day edition. Using an entire page of the magazine, it covers many aspects of cultural exchange such as food and sports. Please pick up the one at your nearby convenience store, restaurant, or supermarket, and check out the article.

【Featured Persons】


In the July edition, We are featuring 2 Americans living in Sasebo. Amber, an ALT from Sasebo-Kita Junior & Senior High School, and Steve, a skater who was born in Hawaii and has lived in Sasebo since he was 6 years old. Amber is introducing her favorite food spot in Sasebo and Steve is introducing the Sasebo skate park and his Japanese close friends.

紙面用にスティーブさんのトリックを撮影しましたが、ベストな一枚を撮るために何度も技にトライしていただきました。下の写真でも十分カッコいいですが実はすべて不採用の写真。とっておきの一枚は、誌面でチェックしてくださいね。 スティーブさんありがとうございました!
We shot his skateboarding tricks at the park. Steve took many attempts to take his best shot for us. All these photos below are so cool but not used for the article. Check out his best one on the magazine! Thank you very much for your effort, Steve!

EチャンでスケボーといえばRie先生! 2020年の「スケートボードに挑戦」企画から3年が経ち、今では立派なスケーターです。今回の取材では、ならでわ編集部のしらぷぅさんにスケボーを教える場面もありました。
When it comes to skateboarding, Rie-sensei is also a skater! Three years have passed since we first tried skateboarding for our corner. This time she was in the teacher’s shoes and taught Shirapu how to skateboard.


We will introduce Amber’s favorite restaurant later on this website. Please look forward to it!

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