【Cherry Blossoms Spots in Sasebo!/佐世保市の花見スポット!】

Hello everyone!
According to cherry blossom forecast, cherry trees will start blooming on March 23, and will be in full bloom on April 2nd in Nagasaki (it’s subject to change due to the temperatures). 

At Huis Ten Bosh, cherry blossom festival will be held from March 30 to April 8. It features the descendent trees of Japan’s three major cherry blossoms and 400-meter cherry tree boulevard! On the other hand, you may be able to see cherry blossoms and nanohana (canola flowers) booming at the same time at tenkaiho observatory.

Here is a list of other Hanami places in Sasebo. Bring your lunch box and enjoy the spring beauty of Japan.

Sasebo Park
Along Sasebo River, cherry trees are lit up at night.
Place: Hirase cho, Sasebo MAP

Chuo Park
Close to the arcade, a perfect place for walking.
Place: Miyajicho, Sasebo MAP

Hanano Mori Park
A well-kept-secret place for enjoying cherry blossoms.
2738 Nozaki cho, Sasebo MAP


「桜の開花予想」はcherry blossom forecast。「(桜が)咲き始める」はstart blooming、「満開」はin full bloom、「五分咲き」はhalf in bloomです。「7分咲き」はおよそ4分の3と考えて、three-quarter in bloomとされることが多いですよ。

また「散る」はfallやscatter ですが、「ひらひらと舞う」ならflutterでも。桜の季節はあっという間! つかの間の美しさ(fleeting beauty)を楽しみましょう!

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