【ならでわ×Echan】|Interviewed local Americans “What’s your plan for this summer?”|「夏は佐世保で何をする?」外国人さんに聞いてみた!【佐世保で国際交流】

The collab project between the local free magazine “Naradewa” and Sasebo E Channel continues this month. It all started with a question from a Naradewa writer, “how do people from overseas enjoy our town?” In order to unveil the answers, we interview non-Japanese people living in Sasebo every month. The theme of the August issue is “what‘s your plan this summer in Sasebo?”.

『月刊ならでわ!』編集部のライター さんの疑問から、Sasebo E Channel とのコラボがスタート!8月号では「今年の夏は佐世保で何をする?」をテーマに、外国人さんにインタビューしてきました!

Visited Shirahama Beach, but… |白浜海水浴場へ!しかし・・・

Summer means beach season! First we went to “Shirahama Beach” which is popular with local Americans! But, oh my, gosh… no one was there…! Due to the heavy rain that fell during the weekend, we were then forced to change the interview day to Tuesday. Since the school summer vacation hadn’t started yet, we basically had the stunningly beautiful beach to ourselves. After admiring the scenery, we changed our location to the Yonkacho shopping district, aka. Ginza, where we were sure to meet some people from oversea.

夏といえば海! それなら外国人に人気の「白浜海水浴場!?」へ行こう!と向かったのですが、ガガーン!誰、誰もいない・・・ 大雨のせいで急遽、取材日が平日となってしまい、夏休み前のこの日は人がまばらだったのです。でも、このきれいな海を、ほぼ独占!しばし、ならでわ編集部のライターさんと景色を愛でて、外国人さんに出会えそうな四ヶ町商店街へ移動しました。

【Featured Persons】

The Ginza in Sasebo is a cultural melting pot. We interviewed Trinity (on the left), who works at a restaurant on the U.S. Navy base, and Jen(on the right), who lives in Sasebo with her husband who works for the U.S. military.


What‘s your plan this summer in Sasebo? | 今年の夏は何をする?

Jen is attending a community college in the US online. So her summer will be busy studying. Since her husband is out of town due to the deployment, she is a little bit lonely now. However, when her sister comes to visit her in August, she plans to go to Huis Ten Bosch. They are going to have an exciting time.


Trinity loves the nature in Sasebo such as mountains and Kujukushima. She especially likes the Sasebo’s beach. Unlike the dark sand near Yokosuka, where she lived before, the sand here is white! She even said that the beaches in Sasebo are more beautiful than those in her home state, Florida. This summer she will be chilling at Shirahama Beach.



About Shirahama Beach! |白浜海水浴場の情報(英語のみ)


*The use of open flames, such as barbecues, within the beach area is prohibited.

Place: 3506 Tawaragaura-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki  Map
Opening Period: July 2nd – August 20th
Hours: Weekdays: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
*The beach may be closed due to weather conditions such as typhoons.

Adults (Junior high school students and above): 420 yen
Children (3 years old to elementary school students): 260 yen
*Includes shower ticket)

Beach House Rental Fee:1 mat (gōza): 520 yen

Inquiries during the opening period:
Shirahama Beach Management Committee
Phone: 0956-28-6099

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