【Shionome: an “ocean” runs through Haiki /潮之目:早岐の瀬戸:平戸八景の1番目】

“Shio-no-me” is the first spot of Hirado-hakkei (Hirado 8 scenic spots) and the narrowest point of Haiki-seto (strait) with 10m width.

The tidal range of the sea is so great to cause rapid current that the name of the place ”Haiki” is believed to have changed from “Hayaki” which means “coming fast or rapid current”. Nowadays, many people visit “Haiki-seto” to enjoy kayaking in the rapid current.

On the other hand, Haiki is also very famous for “Cha-ichi” (open markets) every May and June. Along the strait (river), about 300 booths are set up to sell seasonal local products. They are all fresh and inexpensive. This “Cha-ichi” is said to have started more than 400 years ago.



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