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This time on this Naoko-sensei’s recipe corner, we will be introducing a popular Okinawan dish “taco rice.”  It consists of taco-flavored ground beef served on a bed of rice. It was invented in the 1980s by Matsuso Giho, an owner of a restaurant called “Parlor Senr” in Kincho where Camp Hansen is located. The delicious fusion of Tex-Mex and Japanese cuisines with flavorful taco fixings can be a comfort food for both Japanese and Americans. For taco meat, you can replace it with your recipe.

今回のなおこ先生の日本料理コーナーでは、沖縄料理のタコライスをご紹介します。タコライスは沖縄本島の中北部、米軍基地キャンプ・ハンセンがある金武町(きんちょう)で誕生しました。 考案者はレストラン『パーラー千里』の創業者・儀保松三さんだそう!メキシコ風のアメリカ料理タコスとご飯の組み合わせは、日本人にとってもアメリカ人にとっても食べやすい料理の代表格ですね。

taco-flavored ground beef タコシーズニングで味付けされた牛挽肉、a bed of rice 皿に敷いたご飯、fusion 融合 フュージョン、Tex-Mex テックスメックス(メキシコ風のアメリカ料理)、replace O with~ Oを~で代用する。


□ 1 Taco spice mix
□ 200g ground beef and pork
□ 200g beef, sliced
□ 1/2 onion, chopped
□ 1.5 gou cup of rice (225g)
□ 1 pack of maitake mushroom (or champignon)
□ 1/2 tomato
□ 1 pack of steamed beans mix
□ 20g butter
□ Your favorite vegetables: lettuce, avocado, okras
□ Seasonings & condiments: turmeric, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic, salsa sauce, lemon, sour cream

maitake mushroom 舞茸(マイタケ)
steamed beans mix (mushi salad mame)

1. ground beef and pork 合い挽き肉、
seasoning 調味料(塩、コショウ、砂糖、醤油など)、condiment あとでお好みでかける調味料(ソース、マヨネーズ、ケチャップなど)


1.Prepare 1.5 gou cup (225g) of rice. Add a dash of turmeric in the rice and steam it with appropriate amount of water. It’s 300cc or 10 oz, but we recommend you put a little less water to make the rice bit harder.

Be careful for adding turmeric too much. A dash is enough to color rice. ターメリックの入れすぎに注意!ひと振りでも十分、色がつきます。

2. Cut sliced beef into 1 cm (0.4 inches) length.

3. Chop maitake mushrooms, onion, garlic into fine pieces.

4. Boil okras.

a dash of ひと振り(調味料、スパイスなど)、appropriate amount of water 適量の水、make the rice bit harder 米を硬めに炊く、chop~into fine pieces. みじん切りにする。

【How to Make|作り方】

Step 1. Make Taco Meat. |タコミートを作る

1. Heat olive oil and minced garlic over a frying pan until aromatic. Stir-fry ground beef and pork, chopped beef, onion, and maitake mushrooms.

2. Add one pack of taco spice mix, steamed beans, and appropriate amount of water (written on the pack) .

3.Boil them until water evaporates.

4. Add chopped tomatoes and butter, them turn off the heat.

minced garlic みじん切りのニンニク(mince は chop よりも細かい)、2.until aromatic 香りが立つまで 3.until water evaporates 水分がなくなるまで。

Step 2. Assemble Taco Rice| 盛り付ける

5. Put steamed turmeric rice in a bowl or a plate. Add taco meat on top, then sprinkle your favorite vegetable such as shredded lettuce, diced avocado, steamed okra, and more. Top salsa sauce and sour cream, then garnish cut lemon.

assemble 盛り付ける、2 sprinkle ちりばめる、3.Top トッピングする、4.garnish 添える

Recipe Contributor |レシピ提供

Naoko Mori 森なおこ
‐Studied French cuisine under a former chief chef at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (ホテル椿山荘東京) for 3 years.
‐Acquired Japanese and herbal cuisine skills.
‐Cooking teacher for 10 years for Japanese and 7 years for Americans
‐Coordinating cooking classes for American cooking teachers

森なおこ先生の English出前プログラム 「外国人に日本の家庭料理を教えよう」はこちら

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