「ロックダウン」って、実際どんな感じ?買い物は?生活はどう変わった?海外の友人に聞いてみた!【アメリカ】【都市封鎖】Life under lockdown – what’s it really like? Report from Seattle

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【 ロックダウンのリアルを聞いてみた! 】


Many of us in Japan are worried about what happens after “State of Emergency” declaration. Will we be able to go out for groceries? Work? Living?
We asked a few questions to a friend in Seattle USA, regarding what life under “Lockdown” is really like.

Seattle, Washington!

1.買い物は自由にできるの?営業時間の短縮などはある?Can you go shopping for groceries? Are store hours restricted?

  • 買い物は、回数に制限なく、いつでも自由に行ける。特に変わりなし。
  • 営業時間を短縮しているスーパーは多い(店内除菌や在庫補充のため、24時間営業は禁止)
  • 65歳以上の人だけが買い物ができる「シルバータイム」的なものを一般営業開始前の1時間設けているところも多い
  • All of the grocery stores are still open and we can go grocery shopping as often as we would like. Most stores have shortened hours (no longer open 24 hours to allow for cleaning and re-stocking overnight). Many grocery stores also have an hour in the morning when only people over the age of 65 can shop. The schedule changes haven’t impacted us at all.

2.生鮮食品は手に入る?Can you still buy fresh food?

  • 野菜、肉、乳製品は問題なく手に入る
  • ロックダウン1週間目は、卵、パスタ、一部のパンは品薄だったけど、3~4週間目の今は、在庫はほぼ平常
  • 最近は小麦粉とイーストが見つかりづらい
  • Most fresh food is still available. There has never been a problem getting produce, meat, or milk. During the first week after the stay-at-home announcement, it was difficult to find eggs, pasta, and some types of bread, but now in the third/fourth week, most food items are on the store shelves. However, recently we haven’t been able to find flour or yeast.

3.シャンプーやせっけん、洗剤類は?Can you still get other supplies such as shampoo, soap, detergents?

  • シャンプー、せっけん、洗剤は手に入る
  • 何週間かトイレットペーパーやペーパータオルがなかった時があったけど、今は大丈夫
  • 手指の消毒液や一部の消毒液(ハイター等)はまだあまり見かけない
  • We have been able to get shampoo, soap, detergent. For a few weeks, we couldn’t find any toilet paper or paper towels in the store, but now they seem to be in stock. It is still difficult to get hand sanitizer and some cleaning products (bleach).

4.ゴミ収集は?Garbage collection?

  • 回収スケジュールに変更なし(普通に来てくれる)
  • They still come as scheduled

5.ロックダウン前と比べて、食生活は変わった?What do you eat more nowadays compared to before-lockdown?

  • 変わったことは、家での食事が増えたこと。食べ物の種類としては変わりなし。
  • テレワークになったので、家で料理することが増えた
  • 以前外食を週1~2回していたけど、今は外食ができないので、テイウアウトやレストランのデリバリーを週に1~2回利用するようになった
  • We eat more at home now, but the type of food we eat at home hasn’t changed. Now that I am working from home, I cook and eat at home. Our family went out to eat at a restaurant once or twice a week, but now we cannot go out to eat. We still order takeout or restaurant delivery once or twice a week.

6. 家での時間に変化は?Any changes in schedules at home?

  • 正直あまり変わっていない
  • 自分は以前からフレックスで、勤務時間は現在も変わっていない。妻も以前と変わらず週3勤務。
  • 変わったことは、日中ほぼ毎日、娘とミニサッカーをするようになったことくらい
  • 娘は昼間は宿題をやったり、午後は夕食を作る手伝いをしてくれたり(以前は習い事をいくつかやっていたけど、今はすべてキャンセルに)
  • Honestly, our schedule hasn’t changed all that much. My wife still works outside the home 3 days a week. I’ve worked a flexible shift for a long time and that haven’t changed. The only thing that changed is that I play a mini soccer game with our daughter almost every day now. Our daughter spends most of the day doing school work, and in the afternoon/evening she has been helping us cook dinner (she normally does sports classes, piano lessons, Japanese class, etc, in the evenings, but those are all canceled)

7. 宅急便や郵便は?Home deliveries and mails?

  • 郵便は通常通り
  • アマゾンは若干遅れ気味。以前は翌々日配達だったのが、在庫切れや需要高の影響で、届くのに最大4週間かかる物もある。でもほとんどの通常オーダーは、1週間以内に届く
  • Mail is delivered as usual. Amazon deliveries have gotten inconsistent. In the past, most things arrived in two days. Nowadays, due to unavailability or high demand, some products can take up to four weeks to arrive. But most products we order on a regular basis are still arriving in less than 1 week.
Homemade cherry pie!

いかがでしたか?What do you think?



Before hearing this story from my friend, I was so worried about what will change. But it seems like logistics won’t stop and life will basically remain the same.

What did you think? Echan will continue to hear stories from other countries and cities regarding how life changed/did not change after the stay-at-home order. Stay tuned!

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