【Prepare for City Service Closure During Golden Week /GW期間中の市営サービス休業に備えましょう】

Due to an extended 10-day “Golden Week” holiday to celebrate the 2019 imperial succession, city hall will be closed from April 27th to May 6th. Please check the list below on holiday closing schedules of other municipal facilities.

Regarding medical services, many hospitals open on Saturday, April 27th, but will be closed on the rest of holidays (some hospitals are open on limited days). Please go to see your doctor in advance to stock regular medicines 

☆About City Emergency Clinic
Internal medicine/Pediatrics
Night time (from Monday to Saturday)
Sundays/Japanese holidays/Dec. 31-Jan. 3
Sundays/Japanese holidays/Dec. 31-Jan. 3

Place: Sukoyaka Plaza 1F, 5-1 Takasago-cho, Sasebo
Parking: adjacent Takasago Parking

☆Family Register and Resident Section of City Hall
Open every day
Marriage registration desk is expected to be crowded on May 1st, starting date of Japan’s new era.

☆Water Works Bureau
Closed: From April 27to May 6
※Open only for emergency issues (call 0956-24-1151)

☆Burnable garbage collection
Closed: From May 3 to 6

☆Planetarium “Hoshi Kirari”
Closed: From April 29 to May 1, May 3 to 4

☆Sasebo City Library
Open throughout Golden Week!
From April 29 to May 6, Close at 6pm

☆Shimanose Art Center
Open throughout Golden Week!

今年のGWは最大10連休! 佐世保市ホームページでは、主な施設(業務)や、医療機関の休業期間についてお知らせしています。窓口利用や、ごみ収集などチェックしておきましょう!
戸籍届全般については時間外受付窓口で対応。 5月1日の改元日には、婚姻届を提出する方が増える見込みとのことですよ。 婚姻届はmarriage registration, 改元日はstarting date of Japan’s new eraとしました。


Due to ~に伴い  Along with でも可。
An extended 10-day “Golden Week” holiday
extended (休暇などが)長期の
imperial succession 皇位継承
city hall 市役所、市当局、(集合的に)”市職員”という使い方も
closing schedule 休業スケジュール
municipal 市の 市営の
regular medicine 常用の薬
internal medicine 内科
pediatric 小児科
surgery 外科手術以外に、”外科”の意味も

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