【Islands in Sasebo】Visiting Ukushima island and learn the history of whaling!|【させぼの島々】宇久島と捕鯨の歴史を訪ねる!

In old days during Edo and Meiji era, whale fishing was active and prosperous in the sea around Goto archipelago, Hirado and Ikitsuki islands. In Ukushima island, there were 5 whaling groups (fishing groups specialized in whales) and they caught 20,000 whales for 150 years. Therefore, there are many memorial monuments for the repose of whales and fishermen who died from whale fishing. You also can find many legacies and relics such as whale shaped stone lanterns. Visiting Ukushima island will offer you an opportunity to touch and learn the history of Japanese ancient fishing of whales.


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