Takaiwa: one of Hirado 8 scenic spots/髙巌(高岩):平戸八景の名勝の一つ

“Takaiwa” is the Sandstone Cliff which is about 30m high located along the Emukae river in Emukae-cho. It is one of Hirado-hakkei (8 scenery spots) selected and named by Matsura Hiromu: 10th feudal lord of Hirado domain in 1830s.


In old days, Hirado-oukan (road) went through right under the sandstone, but it was moved to the other side of the river due to repeated collapse.


Ivy-mantled surface of the cliff looks dyed crimson in late fall because of red colored ivy. You can enjoy the scenery of the cliff from the platform of Takaiwa station, Matsuura Railway (MR), Nishi-kyushu line.


詳しくは、こちら→ https://opd.opendata-japan.com/facility_and_place_v5s?facility_id=GV-RCNT-PARK-5JQT

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