【Sasebo Eats】the real meals at home【させぼんごはん】佐世保のリアルなおうちメニュー#3

In this corner we show pics of everyday food in Sasebo. Today we have four dinner photos from a typical Sasebo family. Read the menu under the pics.

Grilled himono, egg roll (tamago-yaki), fresh tomatoes, tofu and vegetables cooked in broth, rice

In the first photo, the main dish is grilled fish. But it’s not just grilled “fish”, it’s “dried fish” called himono.  The fish is dipped in salty water then dried (usually) over night. Drying preserves fish for a longer shelf life. You may see many fish drying in the sun in fishing villages across Japan. 

Okonomiyaki (batter, cabbage, meat/seafood all mixed and fried, topped with sauce), miso soup, fresh tomatoes, nimono (vegetables, tofu, konnyaku cooked in broth)
Grilled thick fried tofu, salad, rice with egg and meat topping, seaweed soup

みなさん、こんにちは!このコーナーでは、佐世保のご家庭内の「ふつうのごはん」を紹介していきます。食の理解は文化の理解につながります。日米双方の「Everyday food」を紹介していければと思います。

Broccoli & potato stir fry, caprese salad, nimono (vegetables, konnyaku cooked in broth)

it’s not just 〇〇, it’s △△:ただの〇〇ではなく、△△です
grilled fish:焼き魚
dried fish:干物
shelf life:品質保持期限。shelfは棚。保管棚のなかでどれくらいのライフ(寿命)があるか、というニュアンス。

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