【Umegae Sake Brewery: a National asset /梅ヶ枝酒造:国登録有形文化財】

Do you know “Umegae-Japanese Sake Brewery”? It was established in 1787, and it has used old wooden buildings of Edo era since then. Main wooden house built in 1860, bottling house of Edo era, storage house of Taisho era, etc. 7 houses were all designated as national tangible cultural properties in 2002.

Umegae brewery of Japanese Sake is open throughout the year for sightseeing and available for free tasting as well. (Needless to say, drivers and kids can’t taste it.) You can also enjoy free brewery tour with polite detailed guide of brewers for about 30 min. Why don’t we go and taste excellent Sake and get tipsy in attractive historical houses?

Address: 37 Joma-cho, Sasebo MAP
Phone: 0956-59-2311
Parking: available
Transportation: Saihi bus, joma bus stop or JR Huis Ten Bosch sta. 5 min by taxi.
Guide: Reservation required



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