What is Kurabiraki? What is it like? We Visited Fun Warehouse Opening Event of Emukae, Senryu Brewery 【Sasebo, Nagasaki】

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Last weekend we went to a warehouse opening event called kurabiraki at Senryu Sake Brewery in Emukae-cho, Sasebo. That’s an event we had been curious about for a long time.
At Senryu Brewery’s kurabiraki event, visitors can taste various sake offered around the buildings by buying an ochoko, a small sake cup for 150 yen. From freshly squeezed nama sake (unpasteurized sake), which is only available at the Kurabiraki days, to nigori (unfiltered) sake, from daiginjo and junmai ginjo to fruit sake. Most of their products were offered for tasting. Indeed, This event was a true bargain.

It was no wonder why a lot of people from all over Sasebo went there by MR train right after the event starts in the morning. Since there were several eating areas, the people were relaxed and eating foods from the food stands (popular foods were sold out quickly!!) . Everyone looked so happy with their drinks. “Nothing beats Japanese sake”, said some visitors. Kurabiraki of Senryu Brewery seems to be an essential seasonal hometown tradition for people in Sasebo.

Senryu Brewery holds their open warehouse events twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Let’s look forward to the next event this autumn.
*English guidance or signs were limited. But the all staff were friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.
*Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. DO NOT drive a car after tasting the sake.

Senryu Brewery has a history of more than 330 years and preserves its traditional brewing methods without using machines. It uses the natural spring water that bubbles up from under its property. We were able to see the same spring water at a historic building next to the brewery, called honjin yashiki (an accommodation for Lords of Hirado). We were so amazed how clear the water was! That’s why the brewery’s sake is sooo delicious!


Senryu Brewery is located along the Emukae River around a 10-minute walk from Emukae-shikamachi station. It has a parking space on the premises, but use a temporal parking area near the station during the warehouse opening days.

Senryu Brewery
209 Nagasaka Emukae-cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki MAP
Open: 9:00-16:00
Closed: Irregular
English friendliness: low, but the staff was friendly.
Parking: available (A temporal parking lot opens on warehouse opening days.)
To see the accommodation building for the lord and the main sake storehouse.
Fee: 100 yen (reservation is required).
*free on the kurabiraki days.

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