【English-friendly shop : Eguchiseikaho /外国人歓迎なお店:江口製菓舗】

Hello everyone! 
Today’s English-friendly places in Sasebo is Eguchiseikaho. A Japanese confectionery shop known to those in the know! This place actually doesn’t have English speaking staff, but they welcome international customers!

Located along a narrow street off prefectural road 11 in Nakazato cho (Turn left at a nursery shop called Green’s) As its history of eighty-five years implies, this shop is beloved by local people. 

The owner’s specialty is a cake roll made with buttercream instead of whipped cream. We also recommend their standard item, marubolo (a round shaped baked cake) and brand-new item, “Sechibaru-cha kintuba (sweet bean paste wrapped in thin dough, using green tea from Sechibaru-cho in Sasebo as an ingredient).

(Photo with map and information provided by SAFEE )
Address: MAP 157 Nakazato-chou, Sasebo, Nagasaki
Closed: Sunday

今回の外国人歓迎なお店は、和菓子店 江口製菓舗! 中里町の知る人ぞ知る名店です。


知る人ぞ知るは、“known to those in the know”を使ってみました。those in the knowは、“通な人たち”という意味。
菓子はconfectioneryですが、少し固い表現。口語ではsnacks( sweet snacks/ salty snacks) が使われます。甘いお菓子という意味では、sweets も使えますが、実はイギリス英語。アメリカではcandy(飴以外のお菓子も)が一般的ですよ。


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