Nagasaki local cuisine for school lunch : あのローカルフードが学校給食に!?地元の中学校に密着取材!【長崎】【させぼ】【郷土料理】【給食週間】

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What kids are eating at school in Japan:


メニューを拝見すると、普段聞きなれない料理名が… 気になりますよね!!!早速チェックしてきました!

In Sasebo City, January 24 to 30 is designated as “School Lunch Week”, and during this week, local dishes and foods from Sasebo and also Nagasaki prefecture are used in the school lunches.

However, there were several items in the menu that sounded unfamiliar… What are they!? Echan girls jumped to the scene!

浦上そぼろ / Urakami Soboro

長崎市の浦上地区の郷土料理。 肉入り五目きんぴらで、 カトリック宣教師が伝えたといわている 。「そぼろ」は方言で、千切りの油炒めのことだそう!

Local cuisine of Urakami district in Nagasaki city. Burdock root and meat are sauteed in oil then seasoned with sugar and soy sauce. It is said that it was brought by a Catholic missionary. “Soboro” is a dialect for “thinly sliced vegetable stir fry”.

ビーフシチュー / Beef Stew


Last year, Sasebo Navy District Port celebrated its 130th anniversary. When the port opened, beef stew, curry rice and other western cultures were brought over.

シイラのみそ焼き / Grilled Shiira in miso paste


Shiira (mahi mahi) fresh from Sasebo port!

クジラの香味揚げ / Deep fried whale


There is a long history and culture of whaling in Nagasaki prefecture.

ちゃんぽん / Champon noodles


A dish you can’t do without in Nagasaki!

What’s School Lunch Week?


School lunch in Japan was temporarily suspended due to the war, but was resumed in some areas on December 24, 1946. On the same day, US LARA (Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia) presented lunch supplies to Japan and to honor this event this day was thereafter designated as “School Lunch Appreciation Day” in Japan. Since 1950, Japanese schools have set a week from January 24 to January 30 as “School Lunch Week” to promote the educational effects of school meals.

Special thanks to : Sasebo Municipal Haiki Junior High School

Thank you Principal Ogata for the photos!

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