【Renkon may save hay fever sufferers? /レンコンは花粉症に効く!?】

Runny nose, itchy eyes, endless sneezes. Early spring is a horrible season for hay fever sufferers. I am experiencing tough times too!

But here is some good news. I found a notice at my local supermarket saying “renkon (lotus root) works well for people with pollen allergies”. I thought to myself “oh really?” I did some research and found out that it was true!

Renkon contains high levels of tannins. Tannin, a phenolic compound, can alleviate allergic reactions to pollen. It also says tannin is effective for anti-aging and cancer prevention. What an amazing vegetable it is!

Renkon, or Lotus root might not be familiar to westeners. we normally use sliced rencon for Kinpira (stir fry and then simmer in a soy sauce and mirin seasonings) Also we put sliced or diced lotus roots into soup such as minestrone, or cream stew. And, curry-flavored renkon chips are so delicious!


「花粉症」はhay feverまたはpollen allergy。スギ花粉はcedar pollen、ヒノキ花粉はcypress pollenです。

「花粉症になる」はget fey fever/a pollen allergy。 develop fey fever/a pollen allergyというと「花粉症を発症する」とやや固いニュアンスに。
病名はおおかた無冠詞ですが、cold/headache/sore throat/ allergyなど症状に近くなると「a/an」が付きます。例外的にインフルはthe flu(I have/catch/get the flu)。冠詞は難しいですね。

レンコンが花粉症に効くとされるのは、フェノール化合物(phenolic compound)のtannin(タンニン)を含むから。tanninを取ると、老化防止(anti-aging)や ガン予防(cancer prevention)にもなるそうですよ!

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