Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Cooking Class in Haiki なおこ先生の「外国人に日本の家庭料理を教えよう!」in 早岐【佐世保de国際交流】

On July 24, a Japanese cooking class was held at the Hayaki Community Center. The teacher is Naoko-sensei who contributes Japanese recipes to Sasebo E Channel. The participants are eight foreign residents and three Japanese parent-child pairs. They made “Chirashi Sushi”, “Miso Soup”, and “Kanzarashi” together. First, Naoko-sensei explained the tips of each recipes. After that, they were divided into groups and started cooking.


Making something together naturally generates conversation. Even if you have trouble explaining something to each other, gestures and onomatopoeia such as “gori-gori” and “koro-koro” would work! Everyone seemed to enjoy international exchange through tasting miso soup together, struggling to make shredded egg crapes, and presenting food on plates!

みんなで何かを作り上げることで自然と会話が生まれます。英語の説明に困っても「ゴリゴリ」「コロコロ」など、ジェスチャーと擬音を使えば、何とかなるもの! 一緒にみそ汁の味見をしたり、錦糸卵づくりに苦戦したり、盛り付けしたり、皆さん国際交流を楽しんでいらっしゃいました。

What surprised us most was Angela’s question, “Why is Japanese sugar fluffy?” It was just normal sugar for Japanese in the class. But she told us that in the U.S. they use granulated sugar for everyday cooking, so she was surprised when she saw Japanese powdery sugar. Cultural differences exist everywhere in daily life.


There are many ways to enjoy international exchange, but cooking can make conversation more lively. Naoko’s cooking classes are very popular among foreign residents. The Japanese elementary school participants and their parents also enjoyed her class very much. Naoko sensei’s cooking class is listed on the Sasebo City English Delivery Program sponsored by Sasebo City.


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