Shincha (New Tea) Season Arrived! 37th Sechibaru Shincha Festival on 5/27 & 28 |第37回世知原新茶まつりじげもん市【佐世保イベント】


After the Golden Week holidays ended, the green tea season starts in full swing in Japan. Now the freshest green tea from Sechibaru-cho, in Sasebo are ready to be sold.

The highest quality green tea leaves are the ones picked up from April to May, marking the first harvest season of the year. It’s called shincha(new tea, 新茶) or ichibancha (the first tea, 一番茶). Sechibaru-cho in Sasebo is an ideal place to grow quality green tea due to its foggy, cold uplands and abundant rainfall.

At Sechibaru Shincha Festival & Gigemon Market on May 27th and 28th, tea producers from Sechibaru-cho will come together to sell their special new tea. You can taste and buy their green tea at the best price. Additionally, there will be a variety of local farm products available.

The venues for the festival are located around Yamaguchi shrine and a martial arts gym. You can park your car at Sechibaru Athletic Ground, and it will take three-minute walk to the event locations.

37th Sechibaru Shincha Festival & Jigemon Market

そのゴールデンウィークが終わると、新茶の季節! 佐世保のお茶の産地、世知原町では今年もおいしい新茶ができあがりました。





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