Senryu Brewery Warehouse Opening (Kurabiraki) on 4/8, 9 | 潜龍酒造(本陣)蔵開き春の陣


After you soak up the beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan, it’s time to enjoy sake. On April 8 and 9, a sake festival, kurabiraki will be held at Senryu Brewery. Senryu Brewery is a long-established brewery that has a history of more than 330 years! It preserves its traditional handmade methods without using machines.

Kurabiraki is a warehouse opening event. Senryu Brewery holds kurabiraki twice a year, in spring and autumn. The new sake of the year is released at the spring event. This time, the free sake service will be back for the first time in three years. Also, on the festival only, you can buy freshly-pressed sake (namagenshu 生原酒) of its daiginjyo (大吟醸), premium sake.

Even if you are not a sake lover, it’s worth visiting. Nagasaki Prefectural Historic Site “Emukae Honjin Yashiki” on the premises of the brewery will be open to the public during the event. It was an accommodation for the Lords of Hirado in the Edo period.

Other features are
・Sake tasting
・Free ice cream (limited quantity)
・Food market including famous fruit sandwiches from Shimabara (Supermarket Inoue)
・Stage performances, and more!

If you would like to drink sake, please use public transportation. It is 10 minutes on foot from Emukae-Kashimae station on the MR train. Shuttle bus service will be available from the station.

【Kurabiraki at Senryu Brewery】
・4/8(Sat.) , 4/9(Sun.)
・10 am to 4 pm
・ 209 Nagasaka, Emukae cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki
・ Shuttle bus from Emukae-Shikamachi (えむかえしかまち、江迎鹿町)

Underage drinking is not permitted.

桜を存分に楽しんだあとは、おいしいお酒♪ 4月8日と9日は潜龍酒造で蔵開きが行われます。330年余の歴史を誇る潜龍酒造は、創業当時から継承してきた伝統的な技法で酒造りを続けています。1年に春の陣と秋の陣の2度、蔵開きが行われますが、春の陣では大吟醸、純米大吟醸の搾りたて生原酒が販売されるのが特徴(蔵開き限定)! そして今年は3年ぶりに振る舞い酒が復活します! 長崎県指定史跡の「本陣屋敷」が無料で開放されるのも魅力の1つ。当日はアイスの無料配布や出店、ステージパフォーマンスもありますよ。


warehouse opening, brewery opening 蔵開き
freshly-pressed sake 絞りたての酒
long-established 長い伝統のある
new sake 新酒
open to the public 一般に公開される
sake tasting 利き酒

【潜龍酒造蔵開き 春の陣】
・ 長崎県佐世保市江迎町長坂209


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