The 5th International Friendship Sports Day on November 12. Apply Now! 【Event in Sasebo】|11/12 第5回 国際交流大運動会 外国人の参加者募集中!【させぼイベント】

The 5th International Friendship Sports Day will be held on Saturday, November 12! Everyone who are elementary students and older can join. Japanese participants are local high school students. They are ready to welcome international people! Admission is free!  Apply now from QR code below!

Application Form

The 5th International Friendship Sports Day
11/12 (Sat.) 14:00ー16:00
Venue: Taiiku Bunka Kan (Gym)
Pre-registration required
Limited to 100 English-speaking non-Japanese
All participants are covered by accident insurance.
Please bring a face mask, a drink, and indoor shoes!
Application form:  QR code

Map: 6-17 Kogetsu-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki

How to apply / 申し込み方法

After you access the URL from the QR code, there will be an email authorization process first which is only guided in Japanese. So, see the slide show below to follow the process. We hope it will help.

You can join in 5 different games! / 5種類の種目に参加できる!

Five games are all staples of Japanese-sports day.

第5回の国際交流大運動会は、地元の高校生と外国人との交流イベントです。現在、外国人の参加者を募集中! ぜひ外国人のお友達に教えてあげてください。

Check out the report about the 3rd Sports Day. 第3回の様子はこちら。

To know about Japanese-style sports day, check the article below!

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