【Participants Wanted! | 緊急募集!】Ladies SK8 Experience | 女性限定!英語で交わるスケボー体験会を開催するよ


On Sunday, November 8th, Sasebo E Channel is going to hold a skateboarding experience event for ladies.

We are going to invite Takurou Tomita as a teacher, who is a skateboarder of 28 years, and an owner of a skateboard shop “Bright Idea” . After Rie-sensei and Yuki-sensei started skateboarding and wrote about skateboarding for adults, we’ve received many positive comments and reactions. We hope this event will be a good opportunity for ordinary ladies like us to experience skateboarding for the first time! The number of participants are limited to 6 people. We will start accepting applications from tomorrow, on October 31 at 9am. DM us via Instagram or Facebook!

Due to the COVID-19 situation, please wear a face mask during the event.

Date: November 8th(Sun.)3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Place: Skateboarding area in Sasebo Park
participants:6 people
*Junior high students or older
*Miners under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.
Fee: Only 600 yen (incl. accident insurance)
How to apply: DM us via Instagram or Facebook

「Sasebo E Channel」主催のスケボー体験会 を開催することになりました!

当ウエブサイトの企画でスケートボードを取り上げたところ、日本人、外国人問わず大反響! そこでスケートボード専門店「BRIGHT IDEA」の店主であり、スケーター歴28年の冨田拓郎さんを講師に迎えて、女性限定「英語で交わるスケボー体験会」を行います。明日10月31日 朝9時より申し込み開始。定員は6名ですので、お早めにお申し込みください。


場所:佐世保公園 スケボーエリア内
申込方法:EチャンのInstagram または FacebookからDM


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