Sasebo-Daitou Interchange 101 :How to transfer to central Sasebo【Ask the Echan girls #4! 】解説!佐世保大塔インターチェンジ |【教えてEチャン・ガールズ!#4】

We’ve received an opinion from our reader. 外国人の読者さんから、こんな意見を聞いたの。

He said, “the first time I took the highway from Hario to central Sasebo I found the Daito interchange confusing. I ended up missing it and off the highway. That interchange is tricky! “(大塔インターで、針尾から市街地方面に乗り換え方が分からず、高速の外に出てしまったとか)

Indeed. We understand too. Have you ever experienced this ?
たしかに! みなさんも、こんな経験はありませんか?

① You ended up on a road next to Aeon…

google 地図

I did once. That bites. あるある!切なかった。

②Why am I driving on this narrow road next to the tollbooth?

google 地図

I did. It took us to a residential area. あるある!卸団地に出てしまう道ね。

The reason is that you missed one thing on the red bridge right before the IC.

google 地図

It’s a red lane that starts on the middle of the bridge!

google 地図

Take the red lane to go to central Sasebo!

google 地図

You will soon arrive at the tollbooth.

google 地図

If you miss the red lane, don’t worry, just go straight. You will soon find a road back to the tollbooth, on your right.

google 地図

When we get lost on the highway, we often are panicked. 高速で道に迷うと、焦るよね。

Remember the red lane, you will be fine! 赤いレーンさえ、覚えておけば大丈夫!

Let us know about YOUR most confusing roads in Sasebo that everyone seems to get lost on via the contact form below, Facebook, or Instagram ! We Echan girls will answer it. Eチャンでは、初めて通る人は迷うであろう佐世保市内のあの道この道…情報を募集中です!

Let’s share your thoughts. みんなでシェアしよう!

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