English-friendly Spots in Sasebo| Bedrock Bathing To Detox Your Body|させぼの岩盤浴スポット

Sansupa photo by Safee

In Japan, hot stoned bath (Ganban-yoku) is popular. It’s a sauna-style spa that you lie down on a heated bedrock to detox your body and improve blood circulation. Since the temperature of the stone is 40-60℃, it’s easier to say longer than saunas. Your body will get warm gradually.

The following two spas welcome international guests. Although English menus are not available, friendly staff will explain you from how to buy tickets to how to use the spas. You can borrow towels and a bathing clothes.

岩盤浴はデトックスや血行促進効果があって 人気ですが、実は日本が発祥なんです! 今回は外国人歓迎の2店舗をご紹介。 海外ではまだ珍しいようなので、外国人のお友達を誘って行ってみてはいかがでしょうか。

Hot Stone Bath “Soseino-iyashi” | 岩盤浴 蘇生の癒

Photo by Safee

Soseino-iyashi is very convenient to go since it’s located close to the central area in Sasebo and opens all year around. You can drop by anytime. A one-time ticket is 1200 yen. Stamp card member is only 900 yen! You can have a bath as long as you can but don’t stay in the bath more than 2 hours for safety reasons.  


10 AM – 11 PM
Open all year around
Map: from here
Facebook: from here
Parking: available

街中近くにあって、年中無休なのでとても便利! いつでもふらりと立ち寄れます。1回チケットは1200円ですが、スタンプカードを持参すると 、900円に! 時間は無制限ですが、最大2時間ほどを目安にしましょう。

Safee 日本語サイトはこちら

Hot Stone Bath “Sansupa” | 岩盤浴「サンスパ」

Collagen Machine photo by Safee

The long-established spa has run for 18 years. A one-time ticket is 1700 yen for 80 minutes. And it offers unlimited usage of skin care products made by a high brand “Aesop”! Besides hot stoned bath, there will be nail salon, and massage service, hot yoga classes, and collagen machine which moisturizes dry skin and hair. This place boost your beauty!


12 PM – 11 PM (Last Entry 9:30 PM)
Close: New year season only
Map: from here
Website: from here
Parking: available

開業18年の老舗。1回チケットは80分で1700円ですが、 高級ブランド「イソップ」のスキンケア商品が使い放題でリッチな気分が味わえます。岩盤浴の他にもネイル、マッサージ、ホットヨガ、コラーゲンマシンなど、美容メニューが豊富なので、心身共にきれいになって帰れます!

Safee 日本語サイトはこちら

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