Cafe by the sea : BUCO CAFÉ  海辺のカフェ:ブーコカフェ【川棚】【オシャレ】【話題】【リノベ】

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写真提供 / photo courtesy of BUCO café

【Cafe with a view / 海が見えるカフェ】

先日お邪魔したのは、川棚町(かわたなちょう)にある BUCO café (ブーコカフェ)さん。佐世保市のハウステンボスからは15~20分ほどのドライブ。2019年の5月にオープンしたそうです。

The other day we visited BUCO café (boo-ko cafe) in Kawatana-cho. It is about 15-20 min drive from Sasebo’s Huis Ten Bosch. The cafe opened in May 2019.


The building used to be a main house of a shipyard before it was renovated. A wood stove keeps the place warm during this season. Everything is so stylish!

Pizza toast & cheese toast (back).
Non-alcoholic beer & cappuccino.


I wanted to try their “Gratin-doria (rice au gratin, 850 yen)” but they said it’d take about 20 min. So I changed my order to Pizza toast (400 yen) which turned out to be very tasty. The rich foamy cappuccino (400 yen) was also good.

写真提供 / photo courtesy of BUCO café

【Dog-friendly / わんこ連れもOK♪ 】

Dog in bag.

・dog is appropriately trained きちんとしつけ済み
・there are no other customers 他にお客様がいない時
・approved by other customers 他のお客様の了承を得ている


In case of above, dogs are allowed inside the cafe. Please check with staff. If they bark or cause trouble to others, you may be asked to move to terrace seats outside.

All dogs allowed at all times as of March 2020!

【Finless porpoise watching! / スナメリウォッチング!】


You can also watch Finless porpoise (SUNAMERI, Neophocaena phocaenoides; it’s like a finless dolphin) if lucky!

【Weekends&holidays only / 土日祝だけの特別なカフェ】

写真提供 / photo courtesy of BUCO café


Though open only on weekends and holidays, the cafe is definitely worth the trip. Staff is not perfect in English and is yet to prepare English menu but is friendly and welcomes all guests. Highly recommended!

BUCO CAFÉ (ブーコカフェ) 
HOURS 土・日・祝日 11:00〜18:00
Sat, Sun, Holidays 11:00-18:00
ADDRESS 長崎県 東彼杵郡 川棚町三越郷140-39 [MAP]
140-39 Mitsugoego, Kawatana-cho, Higashisonogi-gun [MAP]
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