【Bus/Train/Car】Access to Nagasaki Lantern Festival | 長崎ランタンフェスティバル【佐世保からのアクセス】

Minato Park

Nagasaki Lantern Festival will start on January 24, the Chinese New Year’s Day. The 15-day festival features over 15,000 Chinese lanterns and huge dolls. The festival attracts more than one million people! It is definitely worth visiting. But the many people in Sasebo may concern how to get there. So, we will provide the information.

いよいよ 1月24日から 長崎ランタンフェスティバルが始まります! 約15,000個ものランタンで彩られた街並みを見るために、たくさんの人が押し寄せる冬の風物詩!佐世保からどうやって行こう?と思っている皆さんために、交通情報をまとめました!

Bus | バス

Express Buses to Nagasaki City depart at Sasebo Bus Center every 30 to 60 minutes. If the traffic is smooth, it takes 90 to 100 minutes. Take a “Non Stop Bus” and get off at the last stop, Chuobashi. So then you can walk to Chinatown area, Chuo-park, Haman-machi area, and River-Park. “Super Non Stop Buses” are faster but you have to take a tram at Nagasaki Station.


When you leave, go to Nagasaki Station by tram or taxi and take a express bus at Nagasaki Bus Terminal. Since the seats are first-come-first-served, we highly recommend to stand in line early. Especially on weekends, you may have to go to the terminal one hour earlier! the return bus’s schedule is below.

帰りのバスは長崎バスターミナルから乗ります。混雑するので早めに行って並んだ方が吉(予約は不可)! 週末だと1時間ほど早めでもいいかも(Eチャンライターの経験より)。

Departs at Nagasaki Bus Terminal Arrives at Sasebo Bus Center
7:30 p.m. 9:03 p.m.
8:30 p.m. 10:03 p.m.
9:30 p.m. 11:03 p.m.

Train | 電車

If you take a train from Sasebo Station, Seaside Liner (express train) is faster. But it still takes 1 hours 44 minutes, longer than a bus. But for some people such as moms with more than 2 kids, might be more comfortable than a bus.

The seats are first-come-first-served and trains will be crowed on weekends. But, they says it’s unlikely for passengers to miss the train. the return train’s schedule is below.


Nagasaki Station
7:29 p.m. (Seaside Liner)
8:14 p.m. (Normal)
9:19 p.m. (Seaside Liner)

Car | 車

You can go there by car too. If you go into Chinatown Area, you will get stuck in a traffic ! Park your car outside the festival sites and take a tram. Nagasaki City recommends to use Matsuyama-cho parking space and the other 2 surrounding parking spaces.

車で行く場合は、中華街エリアに入る前に駐車場に停めましょう。渋滞につかまって出られなくなることも! 長崎市では、松山町駐車場エリアに停めて路面電車に乗ることを勧めています。

Where to go at Nagasaki Lantern Festival

An English Official brochure English is available below. Check the event schedule and the map.

If you haven’t seen the festival, you should go to Minato Park, the main stage. Then, walk through Chinatown and Haman-machi arcade and go to one of the most photogenic spots, Megane Bashi (Spectacles Bridge) . Central Park(Chuo Kouen), the 2nd main stage, is close to Megane Bashi (Spectacles Bridge ). If you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend Tojin Yashiki (old Chinese compound) on the hill side of Chinatown. It’s more local. You will see quaint old houses and temples lit up beautifully.

Minato Park
Tojin Yashiki Area

Nagasaki Lantern Festival
Date: Jan. 24 to Feb.9, 2020
Venue: Shinchi Chinatown, Chuo Koen, Tojin Yashiki, Kofukuji, Kaji-ichi, Haman-machi Arcade, Koushi-byou (Confucian Shrine).
Official Website (English and other 9 languages)

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