【Events in Sasebo】Apply Now! Intercultural Hiking Event in Ohashikannon on Nov.17|【させぼ国際交流】御橋観音ハイキング 外国人の参加者募集中!

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Photo © 佐世保観光コンベンション協会

Sports Kouryu Team will hold an intercultural hiking event on Sunday, November 17 as part of Sasebo Intercultural Project. They are looking for foreign participants. The destination is one of the most beautiful autumn leaves spots in Sasebo, “Ohashikannon” !

Japanese participants will be local high school students. Now they are preparing to guide non-Japanese participants! Yoshii Ecotourism Association will provide a tour guide also.

Registration is required in advance. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy language exchanges through hiking!

Participation Fee: Free!
Number of Participants : 10 people (5th grade or older)
Sign up: syakai@city.sasebo.lg.jp

Ohashikannon Hiking Event in 2018

Schedule & Course

9 a.m. Reception9:30 a.m. Orientation 10 a.m. DepartureNoon Snack and Conversation 1 p.m End

Makinotake Park → Mountain Path → Shoyodokinenhi → Ohashikannon Precincts → Makinotake Park

Mountain Path

Meeting Place

In front of Makinotake Park Visitor Center

Visitor Center on Makinotake Park

11月17日(日)にハイキングイベント「紅葉の御橋観音を歩こう!!」が開催されますよ。 英語で交わるまちプロジェクトの「スポーツ交流チーム」が再び高校生とタッグを組んで、楽しいイベントを企画! 高校生が資料の翻訳やガイドに挑戦するそうです。ただいま外国人の参加者募集中です。外国人のお友達にぜひ教えてあげてください。

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