【Sasebo Events】Selenographica 2-day Children’s Dance Workshop on Nov. 30 & Dec. 1, Apply by Oct. 25 |セレノグラフィカこどもダンスワークショップ 申込は10月25日まで!

Moving your body and performing together with everybody is so much fun! Abi-chan and Maho-san of Selenographica, a professorial dance duo will visit ArkasSASEBO to hold a 2-day workshop. Every child from 6 to 12 years old can join regardless of nationality. It really doesn’t matter if you are athletic or not! Come and join in.

Eligible participants: 6 to 12 years old children residing in Sasebo City and neighboring towns, regardless of dance experience and nationality.
Application Fee: 500 yen (including participant’s insurance)
Date : Nov. 30 (Sat.) and Dec. 1(Sun.) in 2019
Time: 1 pm – 5pm each ※Participants are asked to attend both days in principle.
Venue: Arkas SASEBO B1, The 2nd rehearsal room
Capacity: 30 people
Application deadline is on October 25 (Fri.).
When we are oversubscribed, participants will be decided by a draw.

To resister: Download the application form. And Fax, mail, or directly bring it to Arkas SASEBO.
【Fax】 0956-24-0051
【Mail】 〒857-0863
2-3 Miura-cho, Sasebo City
Arkas SASEBO Children’s dance workshop desk

“身体と心に届くダンス”をモットーに、日本全国の子どもたちにダンスを届ける セレノグラフィカ 。あびちゃん、まほさんと一緒にダンスを踊りませんか! 「こどもダンスワークショップ」は 11月30日と12月1日の2日間で開催。 小学生であれば、ダンスの経験や国籍は問わず参加可能! 申込は10月25日までです。


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