Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet):Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe No. 20 【なおこ先生の日本料理⑳】とんかつ | 英語レシピ


Tonkatsu (とんかつ)or deep-fried pork cutlet is one of the most popular Japanese dishes. It’s typically served with shredded cabbage along with Japanese tonkatsu sauce (thickened Worcestershire sauce). It’s so juicy and tasty! The outer crust is coated with panko breadcrumbs. So, every bite is crispy and crunchy. Making tonkatsu is easier than it looks. On this Naoko-sensei’s recipe, we are using an everyday skillet to deep-fry the meat. If you don’t eat pork, you can substitute chicken thigh for pork.

今回はとんかつのレシピを紹介します。とんかつやカツカレーは、英語圏でも日本語のままTonkatsuやKatsu curry と表記されることが多くなりました。衣たっぷりのジューシーなカツは国を問わずみんなが好む食べ物のようです。このレシピでは、揚げる時にスキレットを使います。油少なめで揚げるコツも一緒にご紹介しますよ(もちろん深鍋で作ってもOK!)。豚を食べない習慣のある方へは、鶏ももで代用できます。

1. shredded cabbage 千切りキャベツ。 2. thickened Worcestershire sauce 濃いウスターソース。 3. パン粉 breadcrumbsですがpanko でも通じます。4. easier than it looks 見た目よりも簡単です。5. substitute A for B, Bの代わりにAで代用する。(replace B with A でも表せます。)


□ 3 thick-sliced pork loin
A (for batter)
□ 1 egg
□ 60cc(4 tbsp) flour (all purpose or cake flour)
□ 5cc(2 tsp) water

□ panko (bread crumbs)
□ 300cc(10oz) salad oil
□ 1/2 cabbage, shredded
□ 1 tomatoes, cut into wedges
□ Sesame, salt, pepper, extra flour
□ Tonkatsu sauce (or BBQ sauce)

Tonkatsu Sauce

If you don’t have tonkatsu sauce, you can replace it it with your favorite BBQ sauce. とんかつソースがない場合は、BBQソースでも美味しいですよ。

This one below is Naoko-sensei’s favorite, Japanese BBQ sauce from Ebara.

Naoko-sensei’s favorite BBQ sauce.

1. 豚ロース pork loin, 2.厚切りの thick-sliced, 3. ~をくし形に切る(くし切り)cut into wedges

【Preps| 下ごしらえ】

1. Slash the fat with a knife or scissors to keep the pork from curling when cooked.

Slash the fat. 筋切りをする。

2. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and some flour on the both side of the meat.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and flour.塩、こしょう、小麦粉を振りかける

2. Combine 60cc(4 tbsp) flour, 1 egg, and 5cc(2 tsp) water to make batter. Mix well.

Combine flour, egg, water. 小麦粉、卵、水で衣を作る
Mix well. よく混ぜる

1. Slash the fat 筋切りをする。2 keep the pork from curling 豚肉が曲がるのを防ぐ。3.with tip of knife or scissors. ナイフの先端かハサミで
4. batter 衣バッター液

【Deep-fry the pork | 豚肉を揚げる】

1. Put the pork loin in the batter, coat it with breadcrumbs, then press it with your hands.

Soak the meat in the batter. 衣に肉を浸す
Coat it with bread crumbs. パン粉をまぶす
Press with your hands. 手で押さえる。

1.flip it over ひっくり返す 2. coat A with B AをBで覆う。3, press it with your hands 手で押さえる

2. Pour 300cc(10oz) of oil into a skillet. When using a deep pot, add more oil as needed (the pot should be a third or half full with oil). Heat the frying oil to 180℃(350 F). Place one of the breadcrumbs coated loins onto a pan. Keep shaking the pan from side to side to cover the meat with oil. When the bottom side is golden brown, turn it over. And deep-fry the other side in the same way until golden.

1. Pour A into B、 BにAを注ぐ 2. as needed 必要に応じて  3, Heat the oil to 180℃ 油を180℃に温める。4.turn it over ひっくり返す 5.until golden (brown). 黄金色になるまで(焦げ目が付くまで)

Heat the frying oil to 180℃(350 F) フライパンを180℃に温める。
Deep fry one side. 片方の面を揚げる。

Keep shaking the pan from side to side to cover the upper side with oil. フライパンを常に左右に揺らし、上部に油がかかるようにします。

Turn it over. ひっくり返す。
Deep fry until golden. 焦げ目が付くまで揚げる

3. After deep-frying the meat, let it stand on a grid or a cooling rack for 1 minute to drain oil. Deep-fry other two chunks one by one in the same way.

Let it stand with chopsticks on a grid. 網の上に立てかける。

1. grid 焼き網、cooling rack 冷まし網 2. let O stand. Oを立てかける
3. drain oil 油を切る

【Make Sauce and Serve|ソースと盛り付け】

4. Serve on plates with a side of the shredded cabbage and tomatoes.

Cut each tonkatsu into 2cm width if you use chopsticks to eat. お箸で食べる場合は2cm幅に切りましょう

5. Put a lot of grounded sesame into tonkatsu sauce and drizzle it over tonkatsu before eating. 

1. Cut A into 2 cm width Aを2センチ幅に切る。2. grounded sesame すりごま  3. drizzle over ~の上にかける

Recipe Contributor |レシピ提供

Naoko Mori 森なおこ
‐Studied French cuisine under a former chief chef at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (ホテル椿山荘東京) for 3 years.
‐Acquired Japanese and herbal cuisine skills.
‐Cooking teacher for 10 years for Japanese and 7 years for Americans
‐Coordinating cooking classes for American cooking teachers

森なおこ先生の English出前プログラム 「外国人に日本の家庭料理を教えよう」はこちら↓

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