【Cooking】Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe No.6 : Teriyaki Chicken /なおこ先生の和食クッキング⑥「鶏の照り焼き」|英語のレシピ


Hello everyone, did you have a good holiday? Our first recipe in 2020 is Teriyaki Chicken, one of the Japanese foolproof recipes. Even if you have never tried cooking Japanese foods, it is easy-to-follow and will save your dinner when busy!

明けましておめでとうございます。2020年、最初のレシピは鶏の照り焼きです。 片栗粉をまぶして焼くのがミソ! とっても簡単なので、「ことしは英語で料理に挑戦したい!」と思った皆さんには、もってこいですよ!


・ 1 boneless chicken thigh (280 g) 
・ Potato starch (Katakuriko,片栗粉)or corn starch
・ 2 tbsp soy sauce 
・ 1 tbsp sugar
・ 2 tbsp sake
・ 2 tbsp mirin
・ Salt and pepper
・ Salad oil 

(単語) tbsp (teaspoonの略)大さじ、 boneless 骨なしの~ chicken thigh 鶏モモ、 poteto starch 片栗粉

Step 1. Prep before pan-frying. / 焼く前の下ごしらえ

1. Bring the chicken thigh back to the room temperature. Sprinkle salt and pepper over it.

2. Coat the meat with poteto starch (katakuriko) or corn starch.

3. Mix soy sauce, sugar, sake, and mirin to make teriyaki sauce.

(単語) bring O back to ~ O を~の状態に戻す、room temperature 室温、 sprinkle O over (on) ~ 、~にOを振りかける

Step 2.Pan-fry the meat. / お肉を焼く

1. Pan-fry the skin-side of the meat in an extra amount of oil for 3 min. ( for 1 min on high heat first, and for 2 min on low heat)

2. Turn it over, and cook for 3 to 4 min on low heat until 80 % of the meat is cooked.

Tip 2. Pan-fry the skin-side first to brown it.

3. Remove the oil out of the pan with a paper towel.

4. Add teriyaki sauce and simmer until the sauce has thickened

(単語) skin-side 皮目、extra 多めの~ turn over ひっくり返す、simmer 煮詰める

Naoko-sensei’s Sasebo Star Cooking Class

Schedule January 13 (Mon.)
Time: from 10 am to 1 pm
Menu: Teriyaki chicken, Butter flavored Kankoro-mochi, miso soup
Fee: 2500 yen for adult, 1500 yen (U 18), 1000 yen (U 15)
Place: Nishi-chiku Community Center (see the map below)
Contact and reservation : https://www.facebook.com/naoko.mori.921?epa=SEARCH_BOX

英語で学べる料理教室「させぼスタークッキングクラス」は 西地区公民館で開催中。 1月までのスケジュールは後ほどアップデートします。外国人と一緒に料理が学べますよ。

Naoko sensei’s Profile

Naoko Mori 森なおこ
‐Studied French cuisine under a former chief chef at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (ホテル椿山荘東京) for 3 years.
‐Acquired Japanese and herbal cuisine skills.
‐Cooking teacher for 10 years for Japanese and 7 years for Americans
‐Coordinating cooking classes for American cooking teachers

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