【Coronavirus (COVID-19)】What Foods Should We Eat to Strengthen our Immunity ?【Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe:Extra】 【新型コロナウィルス】免疫力をアップする食材とは?【なおこ先生の和食クッキング:番外編】【英語のレシピ】

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To prevent coronavirus disease, we assume many of you have been careful every moments in your life. The only thing an individual can do other than pay attention to their own hygiene is to build a body that can withstand the virus. So, what kind of ingredients should we incorporate into our everyday meals?

新型コロナウイルスの感染を防ぐため、気が抜けない状況が続いていますね。 衛生に気をつけること以外に個人ができることは、ウイルスに負けない体作りかもしれません。では普段の食事でどんな食材を取り入れたらいいのでしょう?

What ingredients are best? |どんな食材がいいの?

First, try to eat a well-balanced meal! It seems to be a good idea to eat enough foods with “protein” which is a component related to increased immunity.

まずは“バランスの良い食事”を心がけること! 1つは免疫にかかわる成分にとなる“たんぱく質”を取るといいそうです。


Vitamin A and D are shown to also increase immunity.

そして免疫力をアップしてくれるビタミンAとD 。

Vitamin A
Vitamin D

Fermented foods that increase your good bacteria are also important. Good bacteria is said to help prevent the growth of bad bacteria that might have a negative effect on your body. Also, it is shown to prevent infection by food poisoning bacteria as well as pathogenic bacteria. Don’t forget, dietary fiber is a great source of good bacteria!

善玉菌を増やす発酵食品も良いそうですよ。 善玉菌は、体に悪い影響を及ぼす悪玉菌が増えるのを抑え、食中毒菌や病原菌による感染を防ぐ働きがあると言われています 。善玉菌のえさとなる食物繊維も忘れずに!

Fermented foods

Naoko-sensei’s fermented food recipe| なおこ先生の発酵食品レシピ

Naoko sensei taught me a recipe that could be made with easily available ingredients. An Easy dip using miso and cheese.


Ground Meat Miso Cheese Dip |ひき肉味噌チーズディップ


・ 300 g ground meat (pork and beef)
・ 1/4  onion, minced 
・ 1 clove  garlic, minced
・ 2 tbsp, miso
・ 2 to 3 tbsp, powdered cheese
・ 1 tbsp, sugar

Step1. Stir-fry ground meat, onion, and garlic.

Step 2. Add miso and sugar and mix well.

Step 3 . Add powdered cheese and mix.

Add a little bit of Mirin or water to soften Miso. 味噌の硬さは、みりんで調節するといいですよ。

Serve with vegetable sticks, boiled vegetables, bread, or crackers.

(単語) minced meat 挽肉、 1 clove 1かけ(ニンニクなど)、stir-fry 炒める、boiled vegetables ゆで野菜

I cooked it. It was sooo delicious! 私も作ったよ。とっても美味しかった!

Tell us YOUR recipe to fight off viruses ! あなたのウイルス対策レシピも教えてね!
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