【結果報告】私たち、一ヶ月公開ダイエットにチャレンジしました!【Final Results】1 month WLS project 【weight loss challenge】【Japanese ladies】

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【公開ダイエット終了! / 1 month weight loss challenge completed!】

4週間の変化 / Changes over 4 weeks!

Three ladies from Sasebo, Japan (who are also English enthusiasts) were on a 1 month weight loss challenge!

Challenge started on Oct 1. Here are the final results after 4 weeks!

【4週間経過 / After 4 weeks】

Yさん / Y-san

おなかと太ももの周りがスッキリ!/ Her stomach and thighs are slimmer!

I took up running in the last week. I started by jogging 2-3 laps around the Nimitz park. Other than that I did 10 min of stretches and ab workouts each everyday. I’ve become more conscious of daily calories intake. Above all, I have more energy now! Figure wise, I lost about 1 kg plus. Losing 3kg was my initial target but I’m more healthy now so I’m happy. “

Steady efforts paid off! You can actually see the changes… especially in the lower half of her body. Bravo!

Nさん / N-san

お尻!ヒップアップ成功。 / Her hips! They are definitely more perky.

In the final week I drank 2L of water everyday and ate less. Through one month, I gained high sense of beauty. Numbers did not change much but friends commented that I look more lean, especially from the back!”

Unfortunately we cannot show but her face definitely got smaller (and it was already small to start with)! Stepping up and down the stairs in the first week really helped to tone her buttocks. We’ll continue to stand by you!

Rさん / R-san

全体的に少し細くなった? / Slimmed up overall?

Final week was a battle against craving for food. As for exercises, I did lower body workouts and light jogs. Overall, I lost about 1kg and maximum 3% in body fat percentage (it fluctuates). I’d like to continue doing muscle training in future. “

It’s hard to tell the difference with losing 3% body fat percentage is amazing! Good luck in future!

【まとめ / Summary】

Yさん / Y san

1キロ減 Lost 1kg
太もも周りが特にすっきり Slimmed up especially around thighs
・カロリーを意識するようになった More conscious of daily calories intake
・肩こりがなくなった No more stiff shoulders
・体力がついた!Gained stamina and energy!

Nさん / N san

・数字的変化はなし No changes in numbers
小顔になった!Her face is smaller
お尻があがった Her buttocks are more perky
・水をたくさん飲んで美肌に Skin cleared up from drinking lots of water

Rさん / R san

マイナス1キロ Lost 1 kg
体脂肪率最大3%減!Lost max 3% body fat percentage
・全体的に筋肉がついた Gained muscle overall
・若干くびれ&腹筋割れ Curves & 6 packs started to appear

【成功の秘訣 / Key to success】


Good job everyone! What was the secret behind their success?


They were able to continue because they “declared” to be on the WLS project!


So, if you too want to try the WLS project on Echan, do contact us!

【そういえば、ピチTは? / What happened to the tight T-shirt?】

寒かったので着るのはやめました!笑 (こういうゆるさも継続に必要かも!?)

We decided not to wear this because it was cold (lol). But this easy-going style may be necessary for not dropping out.

Thank you for your support!

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