【Report|レポート】Ladies! Let’s skateboard in Sasebo |11/8 女性限定 英語で交わるスケボー体験会

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【We all enjoyed skateboarding! | スケボー体験会が開催されたよ 】

On Sunday, November 8, we held a skateboarding experience event for ladies of all ages under sunny skies. Nine of Echan’s followers and friends tried their hand at skateboarding. There were high school students as well as moms in their 40s. Most of them were complete beginners! Everyone seemed a bit nervous at the beginning. Yuki-sensei & Rie-sensei completely understood their feelings since they were also nervous their first time skating almost a half year ago.
11月8日、女性限定の英語で交わるスケボー体験会が開催されました。 Eチャンのフォロワーさんを中心とする9人が初めてのスケボーに挑戦。最初は、皆さん緊張気味! 分かりますー。 私たちも初日は怖くてドッキドキでした。

The teacher was Tomita (Tommy) sensei,  an owner of a skateboard shop “Bright Idea” . Under his guidance, everyone learnt how to get on and off a skateboard safely at first.
講師は、スケボーショップ「Bright Idea」の冨田拓郎さん。先生の指導のもとで、まずは安全にスケボーに乗ったり降りたりすることから習得します。

Rie-sensei interpreted for 2 American participants.

Some local skateboarders also joined in as teachers. At the skate park inside Sasebo Park, it’s common for all of the skateboarders to learn from each other. Small kids were also very kind to teach the beginners.

A local skate boarder, Kanna sensei. 高校生スケーターのかんな先生

Check out the video below. By half way through the event, they were already able to get on their boards and skate!
練習途中の動画がこちら! まったくの初心者だったのに、皆さん、すでにちゃんとボードに乗れてますよ!

From getting on and off the skateboard to some basic moves, we practiced at our own pace. Some of us were able to tic-tac (a trick to move forward by swinging the front end from right to left).


They practiced at their own pace. それぞれのペースで練習。

You can also enjoy language exchange through this event. 国際交流ができるのも、今回の体験会のいいところ!

【We had a special guest!|サプライズゲストも登場! 】

Gotchan from  Sasebo Base YouTube Channel  visited our event! We started skateboarding together in a collab project. Thank you Gotchan! Eチャンがスケボーを始めるきっかけとなったYouTube チャンネル「佐世保ベース」のごっちゃんも遊びにきてくれました!ありがとうございます!

【How did they like skateboarding ? | みんなの感想は?】

We took a photo to mark the occasion! Participants said after the event that;
・So stoked !
・I gained confidence because I was able to skateboard!
・I want my kids to try this too!
・It was a rare change to learn skateboarding from a teacher.
etc. A participant said, ” my muscles will hurt tomorrow!”. Yes, Skateboarding is really a good exercise! It will help strengthen your belly muscles!

最後は皆さんと記念撮影! 気になる皆さんの感想は…

【楽しかった~!We had so much fun!】

Good job, everyone! スケボー女子、頑張りました!

We would like to thank all the participants and their families for coming to our event. 参加者の皆さま、そして同伴のご家族の皆さま、ご来場いただきありがとうございました!

Some people continued to practice after the event.

After they tried a new thing, their eyes were dazzling ! 新しいことに挑戦した皆さん、みんなキラキラしてた!

Thank you Tommy-sensei! 冨田先生ありがとうございました!

His Shop Info|店舗情報

Bright Idea(ブライトアイデア)

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Tel: 0956-55-8395

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