Japan Lifehack : Easy way to keep away mosquitoes ライフハック:簡単にできる蚊よけの術

Summer is time for unwelcoming guest… mosquitoes!
Besides using repellents, here’s how to keep them away safely and easily by a study done in Japan.

Daiki Tagami, a high school student in Kyoto had a younger sister who was prone to mosquito bites. Trying to save his sister from the iching agony, he decided to do a research on what attracts the annyoing insect. As a result, he learned “Staphylococcus epidermi”, or bacteria that occurs naturally on the skin, was one of the sources of attraction for mosquitos.

Now, this does NOT mean mosquito-prone feet are smelly feet. Certain substances which humans cannot smell, such as fatty acid and other chemicals, excite and trigger mosquitos to suck blood.

So, to remove these substances from your feet, wiping them with alcohol is effective. By sanitizing his sister’s feet, Daiki was able to reduce her mosquito bites to one-third.

Point is to wipe your feet with alcohol from ankle down. Efficacy lasts for several hours. Washing your feet with soap is equally effective.

So why not try this trick this summer? You can easily get alcohol tissue at 100 yen store.




ちなみにこういう「豆知識」「裏技」的なものを、lifehack と言います。最近出てきた言葉ですね。「蚊に刺されやすい」はbe prone to mosquito bites や be susceptible to mosquito bitesと言います。「磁石みたいに蚊をひきつける人」という意味で、mosquito magnet という言葉もあるそうです!


(Source/ソース: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/gatten/articles/20160831/index.html

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