LGBT:Nagasaki introduced “Same-sex Partnership” 長崎市が同性カップル認定「パートナーシップ制度」導入

City of Nagasaki introduced “Same-sex Partnership” system that publicly recognizes sexual minority couples on Sept 2. This system will not entail legal rights or obligations but will allow minority couples to rent city-run housing or undergo medical treatment requiring the consent of a family member at city hospitals.

The City will issue a card authenticating partnership oath submitted by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples. The official recognition is also expected to have impact on local businesses, enabling same-sex couples to get marriage leave from their workplaces and so on.
市からは 男性同性愛者(ゲイ)、 女性同性愛者(レズビアン)、両性愛者(バイセクシュアル)、トランスジェンダーの方々が提出する宣誓書を証明する 「宣誓書受領証」 が発行されます。公的な認定によって、同性カップルが職場で結婚休暇が申請できるようになるなど、地域の企業にも影響を与えると期待されています。

Tokyo’s Shibuya and Setagaya wards became the first local governments in the nation to recognize same-sex partnerships in 2015. Currently there are 24 municipalities across Japan that have introduced the system.

Sasebo City has not followed suit but is keenly making effort on collecting information on the matter. Young people learn about LGBT at school and there are lectures and seminars on sexual minorities in the city to promote public understanding.

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