【1月11日は鏡開き】「正月の餅」雑煮以外で、どうやって食べてる? | Mochi Recipes – How Do Japanese People Eat Rice Cakes ?

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January 11 is the day of Kagami biraki, a traditional ceremony to break down ornamental rice cakes(mochi) and eat them for good health and fortune for the New Year. If this is the first New Year that you have spent in Japan, you might have been surprised to see tons of rice cakes (mochi ) piled up in the supermarkets in the end of December. We use the mochi as an offerings to god ( kagami-mochi (鏡餅) ) and enjoy eating after the ceremony of Kagami biraki. There are heaps of recipes to cook mochi, so we asked our followers how they like to eat them (Survey 2011).

1月11日は鏡開きの日!皆さんは鏡餅やお正月に余ったお餅は、どうやって食べますか? そんな素朴な疑問を、インスタでEチャンの読者さんに尋ねてみました(2021年の調査です)。お餅の食べ方を外国人に説明する際にも、ぜひ参考にしてくださいね。


Or first dish is isobe-yaki, a grilled mochi with nori seaweed. It’s one of the most popular ways to eat mochi in Japan. The recipe is really simple. Toast a few pieces of mochi in a toaster oven until they puff up and turn golden brown. Then dip the mochi in soy sauce (some people add sugar to it ) then wrap it with nori seaweed. We used to make this on a oil heater or over a charcoal fire.

It’s a real comfort food for many Japanese people. 日本人にとっては、なつかしの味!

まず多かったのは、磯部焼き! 英語で説明するなら、“Isobe-yaki is a grilled(or toasted) rice cake with nori seaweed.” でいいでしょう。焼き餅を醤油に浸して海苔を巻いて食べるシンプルな料理は、みんな大好きなメニューですね! EチャンのYuki先生は、砂糖醤油で食べるのが好み! 石油ストーブの上や炭火で焼いた懐かしい思い出もあります。

(単語)puff up ふっくら膨らむ、turn golden brown 焼き色がつく、oil heater 石油ストーブ、charcoal fire、炭火


Another simple and popular way to eat rice cakes is kinako-mochi or abekawa-mochi. Put a few rice cakes in a heat-resistant bowl and soak them in water, then microwave until they swell up. Coat the chewy rice cakes with a mixture of kinako (roasted soybean flour) and sugar. To make the rice cakes soft, you can also just put them in hot water and wait.

きなこ餅(安倍川もち)も、簡単でメジャーな食べ方の1つですね!きなこは英語でroasted soybean flour と説明できますが、kinakoでも通じるようです。ところで皆さんはどうやってお餅を柔らかくしますか? レンジでチンして柔らかくする(microwave until they swell up)方法が簡単でしょうか。奈良では味噌仕立ての雑煮にお餅を入れて、柔らかくしてきなこ餅にするそうです(きなこ雑煮)。

【ぜんざい(お汁粉)|Zenzai (Oshiruko) 】

Zenzai or oshiruko is a traditional Japanese dessert soup made with red beans. Usually January 11th is the day to eat zenzai. On the day, we break kagami-mochi into pieces (called Kagami-biraki) and use them as the ingredients of zenzai. It’s said that we can gain power from god and stay healthy for the year.

The easiest way to make Zenzai is to use store-bought boiled red beans. Since canned red beans (ゆであずき) are already sweetened, you can just heat red beans and water (1 can of red beans : 150 g water). Put the mochi in it and then simmer until it gets soft.

It’s said that red beans can ward off evil . 小豆は邪気を払うと言われてるよ。

そして3つ目はぜんざい(おしるこ)。一般的に、1月11日はぜんざいを食べる日。年神様にお供えした鏡餅を砕いて、ぜんざいにしていただきます(鏡開き)。そうすると神様のパワーをいただけて、一年健康で過ごせるそうです。作り方は、缶のゆであずきを使うのが一番簡単! ぜひ作ってみて!

【他にも食べ方はたくさん!|There are more ways to eat!】

Put mochi in a bag of fried tofu for Oden.

Here are some more tasty ideas from our followers. Actually, mochi is a very versatile ingredient you can make all sorts of dishes with. It goes well with almost any kind of flavor, soup and sauce. Why don’t you try fixing mochi your own way!

  • Microwave and dip in soy butter sauce!
  • Put in gratin!
  • Use them as a ingredient in Oden.
  • Just toast and dip in soy sauce.
  • Top with cheese and your favorite ingredients of pizza and toast them.
  • Toast it and put in a cup of instant nodules.
  • Just eat them without cooking!

NOTE: Remember to thoroughly chew your Mochi before swallowing as it can get caught in your throat and cause choking especially with very young children or seniors!)


  • レンジでチンして、バター醤油で!
  • グラタンに入れて!
  • おでんの具に
  • 焼いて、醤油につける
  • チーズなど、ピザの具をのせてトースト。
  • 焼いて、インスタントラーメンに入れる
  • そのまま(固形を)モロに!

We are glad that we got many idea from our followers. 回答たくさん集まって嬉しい!

I love mochi in oden, too. おでんのお餅、私も大好き。

Eating them without cooking is extraordinary though. そのままモロに!が気になったw




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